Animal & Dog Bite Lawyers in Houston

Many people love dogs and other pets and enjoy having them as companions in their households. However, with owning animals comes a responsibility to ensure that others are not injured by their actions. Animal bites are a common occurrence that often causes legal difficulties for owners.

Legal Responsibilities of Animal Owners

It’s not only dogs that cause bites. Any animal with teeth could potentially cause an injury to a neighbor, guest or child that is visiting the household. Anyone who owns an animal is responsible for keeping it under control when out in public. Whether the animal is kept on leash or in a type of pet carrier, the owner is responsible for maintaining adequate supervision of the animal at all times. In addition, the owner is responsible for the welfare of the animal whether at home or outdoors.

Animal Bite Statistics

The American Humane Society states that 4.7 million dog bites occur each year in the United States. About 800,000 of these require medical care. Two-thirds of the bites happen on or somewhere near the owner’s property. About 50 percent of bite incidents involve children. Often, these incidents occur in children or even newborns. Insurance companies pay $1 billion in dog bite claims each year. Bites can cause serious damage to the facial appearance and can result in the need for plastic surgery. Cat, ferrets and rabbits may also be involved in biting incidents, though at a lower rate than dog bites. Animals encountered in the wild also may be involved in biting incidences. Because some of these animals are at a high risk for rabies infection, it is important that anyone who is bitten by a wild animal get medical attention immediately.

Lawsuits Involving Animal Bites

Many people who have been bitten by an animal may choose to file a lawsuit to recover expenses for medical care, loss of wages or other costs. They may seek the advice of an attorney to help them navigate the legal system. The person who owns the animal who has been involved in a biting incident may also choose to consult with an attorney to ensure that his or her own rights are protected in a court case.

What To Do If You Have Sustained an Animal Bite

If you have been bitten by a neighborhood dog or cat, seek medical attention immediately. After you have been properly treated, consult with an attorney to discuss your case. If your pet has been involved in a biting incident, you too may need legal counsel to ensure you are protected in a legal proceeding. Houston, TX residents can make an appointment with the personal injury attorneys at Zinda Law Group to discuss their case.