It’s a robot! It’s a pedestrian! It’s both.

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August 13, 2021 

Car and Driver

Did you know that in some states robots have legal rights? Under Pennsylvania law, autonomous delivery robots are permitted to travel on sidewalks, paths, and roads and are technically considered “pedestrians.” This is one of the newest developments in the relationship between robots and humans. 

In Pennsylvania, these robots can travel up to 12 mph in a pedestrian area, 25 mph on the road, and carry a maximum of 550 pounds. The law took effect in January. Additionally, 11 other states that permit personal delivery robots to share streets with people, including Virginia, Florida, Wisconsin, and Washington, D.C. 

There are a few benefits in using these robots, including emission reductions through the reduction in large trucks on roadways. Still, as more states make way for autonomous vehicles and robot delivery services, infrastructure will need to follow. In 2017, engineers at MIT created an autonomous robot that used socially aware navigation, which taught the robot to follow the same patterns as humans. 

It's a robot! It's a pedestrian! It's both.


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