Lubbock Car Accident Lawyers

Being in a car accident can take a toll on a person physically, mentally and financially. A large majority of automobile accidents end up with at least one person having severe damages to his or her vehicle along with several physical injuries. What many drivers do not realize is that they may be eligible to receive special compensation that can cover their expenses from an accident. A personal injury attorney will take steps to uncover the faulty party in an automobile accident. Under certain circumstances, that faulty person will have to pay a lump sum settlement to the injured person.

Automobile Accidents in Relation to Personal Injury

Personal injuries are part of a special class of injuries in which negligence is the determining factor. In an automobile accident, the negligence can come from either of the drivers in the accident. The injured person must somehow prove to the courts that the offender was acting in a negligent fashion, which caused the vehicles to collide. Other types of accidents are also eligible for this special compensation. The best way to clarify if one incident falls under the bracket of personal injury is to call and set up a consultation meeting with an attorney in the area.

Types of Car Accidents - Lubbock, TX Cases

Many automobile accidents qualify for personal injury. A simple case in which one car hits another car head on can qualify for compensation. If one of the drivers was ignoring a traffic signal or traffic law, the courts can hold that person liable for any injury to the other party. If the individual was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the incident, the courts can also rule in favor of driver negligence. Distracted driving is a strong case for personal injury as well. Therefore, if the courts discover that a driver was talking on the phone, applying makeup, texting or performing otherwise distracted behaviors, that person would have to answer to the Lubbock courts.

Drivers that hit motorcyclists or pedestrians are also subject to personal injury suits. Additionally, any person who is hit by a tractor-trailer, delivery vehicle, taxicab or any other type of vehicle should make an appointment with a reputable law firm.

Getting Help for a Case

Getting assistance for car accidents is as simple as calling the phone number of a reliable attorney and asking for a meeting. Zinda Law Group can assist with all types of personal injury cases, up to and including automobile accidents. To arrange a meeting with an experienced attorney, the prospective client may call the toll free number or send an online request outlining the details of the incident and the medical treatment that resulted from such. The attorneys will know exactly how they can help the person from the details in the online contact form. Zinda Law Group represent personal injury clients on a no recovery no fee basis. If the firm does not collect a settlement, the client does not have to pay fees.