Car Accident Lawyers in McKinney, Texas

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Even the safest drivers can unfortunately become car accident victims after an encounter with a negligent driver. The victims of such negligence are entitled to compensation and the McKinney car accident attorneys from Zinda Law Group are here to help.

Our lawyers can help you investigate the accident, negotiate with insurance companies, and handle the entire legal process on your behalf while you focus on healing. Call Zinda Law Group of McKinney at 800-863-5312 today to get your questions answered with a free attorney consultation.

You Could Be Entitled to Compensation

If you were hurt in a car accident, you may be facing a number of hardships beyond the physical harm suffered in the crash. You may be faced with expensive medical bills, surgery costs, rehabilitative services, property damage, or other expenses. Those who are unable to work after the accident may have lost income and be unable to support themselves and their families. A McKinney car accident attorney from Zinda Law Group can help you determine all the ways the accident cost you as a victim and seek full compensation on your behalf.

Investigating the Accident

The person responsible for a car accident may not always be obvious. The many elements of an accident will include the ages and abilities of the drivers involved, road and weather conditions, mechanical functioning of the vehicles, and even the location of the mishap. A car accident lawyer from Zinda Law Group will carefully investigate the accident and gather the facts necessary to present a valid case and prove negligence. In court, the case will be made using the latest techniques, including video presentations and 3-D visual materials.

The Claims Process

A successful claim will require proper documentation of the accident and the resulting injury – including a full account of past and future medical costs, police reports, pay stubs, transportation costs, and more. There are also non-financial costs in a car accident, including the physical and emotional pain stemming from an injury. Our McKinney car accident attorneys can help you establish the value of your claim and seek the full compensation you are entitled to. Our auto accident attorneys have experience negotiating with insurance companies for a fair settlement and are willing to go to trial if needed to protect your rights as a victim.

The Compensation Process

The size of the award and the time it will take to litigate is dependent upon such issues as the seriousness of the injury and its effects on the victim. In some cases, a settlement can be arranged without an actual lawsuit, although other cases may require a jury trial in order to obtain full compensation. A car accident trial can be a prolonged process and insurance lawyers will do what is necessary to protect their bottom line. Even the playing field and get the help you deserve by getting a McKinney auto accident attorney from Zinda Law Group on your side.

The car accident attorneys at Zinda Law Group operate on a contingency fee basis, which means that if we don’t win, you don’t pay. Call our offices at 800-863-5312 to schedule a free consultation!