Burn Injury Side Effects

Last updated on: July 9, 2015


After burn injuries heal, they often leave victims with residual issues. For example, their skin may lose its plasticity and may not stretch like it used to, or their body may no longer be able to sweat on the skin that had been burned. These side effects and others cause incredible discomfort and pain to the victims of burn injury accidents.

If you have been burned in an accident, or by the negligence of others, we may be able to help get you compensation for your injuries. Our burn injury lawyers are nationwide and have the knowledge and experience necessary to help guide you through each step of your burn injury claim. Call (800) 863-5312 and schedule a free consultation with a Zinda Law Group personal injury lawyer today.

Causes of burn injuries

Burn injuries occur in a number of ways. Some of the causes of burn injuries are other individuals, a corporation, or an entity’s negligence or intentional actions. Examples of different causes of burn injuries include:


Negligence may occur either by omission of an act that should have been done, or by commission of an act that fails to provide the level of care that someone else deserves. Negligent behavior, therefore, is a breach of duty. For example, a property owner may have failed to remedy a foreseeable fire hazard, resulting in injury to his or her guest.

Workplace Accidents

Your burn injury may also have occurred while you were at work. Occupations involving electrical work or fire will clearly contain the most obvious number of workplace accidents leading to burns.

Car Accidents

In some instances, you may be burned if involved in a car accident. For example, after a crash, your car’s fuel may ignite, causing the vehicle to catch fire while you are still in or around it.

degrees of burns

Burn injuries may vary from relatively minor to life threatening. Further, some burns cause long-lasting damage and require intensive hospitalization, resulting in hefty medical costs and extreme emotional distress. The severity of your burn injury may be a determining factor in what compensation you may be entitled to.

There are four main classifications of burn injuries, ranging from “first-degree” to “fourth-degree” burns. These classifications are dependent upon how deeply and severely the burn penetrated the skin’s surface. These classifications are described in more detail, below:

First-Degree Burns

First degree burns are also referred to as “superficial” burns. This kind of burn only affects the outer layer of the skin, or the “epidermis.” The burn site may become red, painful, and dry, but should not include blisters. An example of a first-degree burn may include a mild sunburn. Long-term tissue damage is rare with first degree burns, but may consist of an increase or decrease in the skin color.

Second-Degree Burns

Second degree burns are also known as “partial thickness” burns. These burns affect both the outer layer of skin as well as part of the lower layer of the skin, otherwise known as the “dermis.” The site of the burn will look red and blistered. The burn injury site may also be swollen and painful.

Third-Degree Burns

Third degree burns, or “full thickness” burns, destroy both the epidermis and the dermis. These burns may also go into the innermost layer of the skin, otherwise known as the “subcutaneous tissue.” The burn site may look white, or it may appear blackened and charred.

Fourth-Degree Burns

Fourth degree burns are the most severe types of burns. These burns go through both lawyers of skin, the underlying tissues, and into deeper tissue. Fourth degree burns may also affect the muscle and bone. Surprisingly, there is no feeling in the burn site area since the nerve endings are destroyed.

If you have suffered a burn injury, you may need to seek medical attention from a qualified medical professional. Your injuries may require pain medication, ointments, antibiotics, or other, more serious, medical care, such as surgery. After seeking medical attention, you should contact an experienced burn injury lawyer. An experienced attorney who has handled cases for burn accident victims may be able to investigate your case, determine liability, and help get compensation you deserves for your burn injuries.

Side effects of burn injuries

Burn injuries produce side effects with varying degrees of seriousness. Although minor burns may result in easy-to-treat side effects, many different, more serious complications and side effects may occur due to deep or widespread burns. These side effects sometimes include:

  • Bacterial infection, which may lead to a bloodstream infection
  • Fluid loss
  • Dangerously low body temperature
  • Scars or ridged areas caused by an overgrowth of scar tissue
  • Bone and joint problems
  • Loss of skin plasticity
  • Loss of the ability to sweat on the burned skin
  • Incredible pain and discomfort

Although some burn injuries, such as sunburns, may be treated at home, deep or widespread burns may need immediate medical attention in a clinic or hospital. It is important to call a doctor if you are experiencing signs of infection, if the burn does not heal in two weeks, or if you see new or unexplained symptoms. Follow that up by immediately contacting a Zinda Law Group burn injury attorney to discuss your case. Many burn victims suffering from serious side effects have counted on our personal injury attorneys to help with their accident injury claims.

Statute of limitations for burn injury cases

Before filing your burn injury lawsuit, it is important to understand the “statute of limitations” for your case. The statute of limitations is the time limit you have to file any kind of legal claim. This time limit will vary from case to case and from state to state. This means it is important to contact an attorney with experience in your claim in the state in which you sustained your injuries, before filing your case.

If you fail to file your claim within the statute of limitations, you may be barred from receiving any kind of compensation for your injuries. Our Zinda Law Group personal injury attorneys have the experience necessary to help file your burn injury case in the time allowed.

As previously stated, each state has their own statute of limitations for personal injury cases, which includes claims for burn victims. Below are examples of the statute of limitations for various states in which Zinda Law Group practices:

  • Texas: 2 years
  • Colorado: 3 years if the injuries were sustained in an automobile accident; 2 years for non-automobile accident claims
  • New Mexico: 3 years

The time limit begins from the date of the accident. For example, if you were involved in an accident in New Mexico on January 1, 2020, and suffered injury, you will have until January 1, 2023, to file your claim. Failure to file your claim by January 1, 2023, may result in your claim being permanently barred.


If you were the victim of a burn accident, you may be wondering, “Is there a burn injury lawyer near me?” Zinda Law Group was originally founded in Texas and currently has teams across the state. Our experienced attorneys have offices in Austin, San Antonio, Waco, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and in many more cities in Texas.

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Zinda Law Group attorneys have the ability and experience necessary to take on a wide array of personal injury cases. Personal injury is described as damage to an individual that was caused by the intentional acts, or negligence, of another. In addition to burn injury cases, Zinda Law Group’s extensive legal experience allows our attorneys to help with a variety of other personal injury cases, such as:

  • 18-wheeler accidents
  • Animal attacks
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Black ice accidents
  • Brain injuries
  • Car accidents
  • Daycare injuries
  • Dog bites
  • Dram shop liability
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Skiing and snowboarding accidents
  • Wrongful deaths

If you have been harmed by the intentional acts, or negligence, of another individual, corporation, or other kind of entity, contact Zinda Law Group today. Our extensive experience in personal injury law may help get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries or property damage.

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