Common Causes of Bus Accidents: Other Vehicles

Last updated on: August 26, 2015


Sometimes a bus accident occurs through no fault of the bus driver. A motorcoach company may have an exemplary safety record and the bus driver may have driven thousands of miles without incident: neither of these facts will safeguard against a bus crash caused by another negligent driver. A large bus oftentimes cannot travel as fast as other traffic (either because of the limitations of the bus itself or because of the motorcoach company’s own regulations), and a bus’s large size makes it difficult for drivers of passenger cars to see around them. As a result, some drivers of personal vehicles engage in reckless or careless driving:

  • An impatient driver stuck behind a large bus may tailgate the bus too closely and end up crashing into the rear of the bus, making the bus driver lose control and crash;
  • A driver may try to get ahead of a bus rather than wait – either by passing a bus traveling in the same direction or by trying to make a turn in front of an oncoming bus – and may misjudge the distance between the bus and his or her own vehicle, causing a collision;
  • A drunk, distracted, or sleepy driver may inadvertently travel in front of a bus traveling in the opposite direction, causing a bus accident.

When a bus crash is caused by the negligence of another driver, a claim for compensation can become even more complicated. A thorough investigation is often necessary to fully ascertain how the crash occurred and what parties bear responsibility. We at Zinda Law Group are here to help during this difficult time.

What Makes Bus Accidents Caused By Other Vehicles So Complicated?

When a bus leaves the roadway because the bus driver is tired or a mechanical defect causes a part on the bus to fail and a crash ensues, fault is typically easy to assign. When a bus crash is caused primarily by another driver, however, additional questions must be asked:

  • Did the bus driver contribute in any way to the crash?
  • Would the crash have occurred in the manner it did if the bus driver had taken additional or different actions?
  • Were the severity of your injuries due entirely to the negligent actions of the other driver or did the bus driver or another person contribute to the severity of your injuries?

Not only this, but in cases of a large pile-up on a highway (for example), there may be many different negligent parties that contributed to your injuries. Each of these parties needs to be identified and made a part of your bus crash lawsuit to ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation.

Finally, whereas bus companies and carriers often have large insurance policies and resources to compensate passengers for a bus crash caused by their own negligence, the insurance policies of other individual drivers is much lower. When there are a large number of individuals injured, or where the at-fault driver does not have any insurance at all, obtaining compensation for your injuries can be much more difficult.

Contact a Bus Accident Attorney for Help

Because of the complexities and difficulties of obtaining compensation after a bus crash caused by another vehicle, it is advisable to retain experienced legal counsel to assist you. At Zinda Law Group, our attorneys have helped numerous clients injured in bus accidents to identify the responsible parties and then obtain compensation for their injuries. We will thoroughly investigate the cause or causes of your bus crash and develop a strategy designed to hold those responsible for the crash accountable for their actions. Learn how we can help you during this difficult time by contacting us online or calling (800) 863-5312 and setting up your free consultation.