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Accidents involving recreational vehicles, or RVs, are different legal problems than your typical car accident, as the vehicle type, the driver’s relative experience level, and any special regulations or licensing requirements are factors in the incident.

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What to Do After an RV Accident

As with any accident, your top priority should be to immediately seek medical treatment. A qualified physician will be able to not only diagnose and treat any injuries you have suffered, but also document the injuries for future insurance or legal matters.

You should document everything after an accident with an RV. Documentation can include:

  • Pictures of the accident scene or your injuries;
  • Doctors’ notes;
  • Medical bills;
  • Time missed from work;
  • Written accounts of the accident from your perspective or from witnesses; and
  • Anything else that might help a personal injury attorney with your case.

An RV Driver’s Responsibility

RV drivers, like all drivers of passenger vehicles, have a duty to act responsibly when they’re behind the wheel. As you no doubt know, RVs are typically quite large and much more difficult to maneuver than a typical passenger vehicle.

Arizona does not require a commercial driver’s license to operate an RV, but the size of the RV may make the driver subject to certain licensing requirements. Often, drivers of RVs do not take the necessary precautions when they’re on the road, failing to consider the size and difficulty of maneuvering an RV.

If a driver fails to adequately control their RV, they may be responsible for your injuries, and their insurance company may be obligated to pay you any monetary damages resulting from the accident.

The most common types of damages resulting from an RV accident include:

  • Medical bills
  • Property damage
  • Lost income due to missed work
  • Pain and suffering

Other Parties Who May Be Responsible

RVs are often subject to special regulations that manufacturers must comply with. If a manufacturer has failed to comply with a regulation, they may be legally responsible for the accident and might be forced to contribute to your eventual compensation.

Because many people can’t afford to own or lease RVs in the way that they do cars, questions of liability on the part of the rental company come into play.

A legal theory called “negligent entrustment” means that a rental company might be legally required to compensate you if they allowed an incompetent person to rent or operate their RV.  Incompetence can be used to describe a variety of different things. For example, a driver might be legally incompetent if he or she is not properly licensed, acts recklessly, or has very limited experience driving vehicles of that size.

Knowing this, RV rental agencies are usually very careful about whom they rent vehicles to. Pursuing a claim against rental agencies can be very difficult, but a knowledgeable Phoenix injury attorney can help you analyze the information and documentation and decide if a claim against the rental agency is worth your time and effort.

Beginning Your Claim

If you have been injured in an RV accident, seek medical care, collect all documentation, and find an experienced attorney to help you begin your claim.

A RV accident attorney can examine your claim and help you to decide on the best way to pursue your rightful monetary damages.

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