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Last updated on: June 17, 2022

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Whether the accident occurs at a private residence, a resort pool, or in the open water, drowning is a tragic event. To imagine the pain of the victim is truly gut-wrenching. To make it even worse, many families end up covering the expenses of the injury. If you find yourself in this position, our Roswell drowning accident lawyers are here to evaluate your case and can advise you on the potential of your legal claim.

Losing a loved one in a drowning accident is devastating, especially when it could have been prevented. The Zinda Law Group drowning accident attorneys are familiar with these cases and want to help you hold negligent parties accountable. If you have lost a loved one in a drowning accident, call Zinda Law Group at (800) 863-5312 for a 100% free consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer near you.

First Steps after a Drowning accident in Roswell

When it comes to a drowning accident, time is crucial. Drownings can happen very quickly and without warning. People lose consciousness around two minutes after being submerged, and brain injuries occur after about four to six minutes. Because serious injuries happen quickly during a drowning, you need to move even faster to save that victim’s life.

Rescue the Victim

The first thing that you should do before rescuing the victim is alert those around and try to get their help. One of the universal rules of emergency safety measures is to not put yourself in harm’s way to save another person. Alerting someone of the accident first helps ensure that you don’t become a victim as well. Once you’ve alerted someone, recover the victim and pull them back to dry land.

Provide First Aid and Call 911

After pulling the victim onto dry land, the next step is to revive them using mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and call 911. Ask for help or search for instructions before beginning. As you continue to render aid, check the victim’s pulse for signs of life and continue the process until the victim breathes or an emergency medical team arrives.

Seek Professional Medical Assistance

If the accident proves to be non-fatal, it is essential that you continue to monitor the victim. Drowning accidents affect the function of vital organs, and the residual complications can take time to manifest. While you are watching the victim, lookout for signs of pneumonia, infection, heart failure, etc.  Ensure that the victim is transported to the hospital.

Call a Roswell Drowning Accident Lawyer

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Getting Results for victims of drowning in Roswell

Drowning often results in devastating injuries including loss of life. The worse part of it all is that many cases of accidental drowning could have been prevented by practical measures. When these measures aren’t taken and someone’s life is lost as a result, it can be particularly devastating.

To make matters worse, the victim’s family ends up paying for medical expenses. The cost of someone else’s negligence should never be the victim’s burden. Consider the following ways a Roswell drowning accident lawyer could help your case:

Inform You of Your Rights

While you are dealing with the grief of losing a loved one, it is important to remember that you have rights and legal options available to you. An individual who is unaware of their rights may have been led to believe that they were somehow at fault for the accident. We’ve seen many cases where potential defendants try to limit their liability.

Properly Assess Claims

Your drowning accident case will have a unique value attached to it. Many factors can help establish how much compensation an individual may collect for their injuries. An experienced attorney will be able to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your claim and determine what facts need to be established to pursue maximum compensation.

Communicate Between Parties

Tension can exist between the parties of the lawsuit, as oftentimes the defendant in a drowning accident case is closely related to the victim. For example, the defendant may have been the victim’s aunt who agreed to watch the child for the day. The lawyer can communicate with the other party on your behalf.

Explain Theory and Application of Law

We encourage you to call (800) 863-5312 to talk to one of our attorneys, get a free case evaluation, and learn about all the ways we can help you pursue maximum compensation. We carefully analyze the facts of every case and have the resources to go above and beyond for each client. Please do not hesitate to call us at (800) 863-5312 if you have any questions about our services.

Types of Drowning in Roswell

On average, 11 people per day die from drowning in the United States. Still, each drowning case is unique. Some victims splash and scream, while others become submerged without even making a sound. Here are the different types of drowning accidents that can occur:

Wet Drowning

When people talk about drowning accidents, they are usually referring to wet drowning. Indeed, it is the most usual form of drowning. During a wet drowning, the victim aspirates water, flooding the lungs and causing damage to their internal lining. In a wet drowning accident, the swimmer is not able to take in oxygen and needs immediate aid to survive.

Dry Drowning

Dry drownings occur less often than wet drownings. During a dry drowning, no water enters the lungs, but the victim is asphyxiated, nonetheless. There are two theories explaining dry drowning. One theory is based is on the victim having a laryngeal spasm which blocks water and oxygen from entering the lungs. The other theory is based on heart stoppage and cardiac arrest causing the body to be in shock and not take in any water.

Active Drowning

Active drowning occurs when the victim is conscious. Usually, in these situations, the victim is a non-swimmer or a poor swimmer who can no longer keep their head above the water.. This struggle involves the rapid flailing of the limbs and hyperventilation as the victim sinks lower and lower.

Passive Drowning

Passive drownings are relatively rare. A passive drowning refers to a situation where the victim is unconscious and therefore drowns without struggle. In many passive drowning cases, drugs and alcohol are involved.

Secondary Drowning

People are largely unaware of secondary drowning, but if you have inhaled even a small amount of water you may be at risk. Even a small amount of water entering your lungs can cause inflammation, loss of oxygen, and even death. Furthermore, secondary drowning could occur even hours or days after the accident.

Knowing about the different types of drownings will allow you to more quickly recognize when someone needs assistance. As mentioned, the moments after rescuing someone are crucial, and you may save time by knowing what to look for and how to describe the incident in the terms that medical professionals use.

Preventing drowning Accidents

Drownings, especially wet drownings, are highly preventable. Here are a few ways to reduce the risk of being involved in a drowning accident:

The Buddy System

Regardless of where you go swimming, you should never go alone. The buddy system allows you and your swimming partner to easily look out for each other and call each other for help if needed. For children, it’s recommended that one adult be designated the “Water Watch,” who will supervise the swimmers while on duty.

Wearing a Life Jacket

Even though we know that life jackets are a cheap and effective way to prevent drowning, some people choose not to wear one. Even if you are a good swimmer, during a drowning accident, many things are out of your control. The U.S. Coast Guard recommends always wearing a properly fitted life jacket when doing any water-based recreation. According to their reports, of the 633 waterway deaths in 2018, 409 of the victims were not wearing life jackets.

Take Swimming Lessons

In many cases, victims of drowning accidents are inexperienced swimmers. Even though you may feel like a good swimmer, it is likely that you are overestimating your ability to swim. In fact, over half of Americans report that they can’t swim or that they are weak swimmers. For this reason, organizations like the Red Cross recommend that people participate in formal swimming lessons.

Barriers Around Water

It is  crucial for there to be some barrier limiting access to a swimming pool or other body of water. A standing body of water is a danger to all of us, but particularly to children under the age of  five. Even a four-sided isolation fence separating the pool area from the house and yard has proven to decrease the risk of drowning by 83%.

Get Help from our Roswell drowning accident lawyers

After a tragic event, we understand that the last thing you might be thinking about is a personal injury lawsuit. The legal process can be difficult to navigate, especially if it involves a drowning accident. Our Roswell drowning accident lawyers are focused on informing clients of their rights and pursuing maximum compensation.

Although it may be a latter consideration, when the first hospital bill comes, most victims, or their families, start considering filing a lawsuit. When that time comes, we will be here to hear your claim and help you achieve the highest financial recovery possible.

Our track record shows just how far we are willing to go for our clients. We work tirelessly to make sure you and your family can get the maximum value for your case.

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