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Accidental shooting injuries are much more common than one might think. There are various instances of accidental shooting that lead to severe injury and death in the United States each year. Many of these accidental shootings occur at home, but some happen elsewhere. If you’ve been the victim of a shooting accident, you will likely be dealing with not only serious injuries, but also medical bills, time missed from work, pain and suffering, and much more. You may be entitled to receive compensation for all these damages. That’s why it’s important to contact Austin accidental shooting injury lawyers today.

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Common Causes of Accidental Shootings

In recent years, the amount of gun-related injuries has seen a dramatic increase. Understanding the proper ways to deal with a situation involving a fire-arm is imperative.

Generally, gun owners should keep their weapons safe and secure at all times. This is the safest way to prevent anyone else from taking the guns and mishandling them. It is also important that gun owners and users treat their firearms with the utmost care and understand the impact accidents can have on those around them.

But sometimes, accidents do happen. Some of the most common causes of accidental shootings include:

  • Gun user negligence or recklessness
  • Improper storage of guns
  • Defective firearm design
  • Product failure
  • Misfires
  • Shooting into the air
  • Alcohol-related gun shootings
  • Drug-related gun shootings

What to Do If You’ve Been Injured

If you or someone else has been injured in an accidental shooting, there are several important steps you should take:

  • Call 911 and get the injured person to a hospital as soon as possible.
  • Once the emergency is over, document how the accident happened. For this documentation, it is important to note when the accident happened, the location of the accident, what the parties of the accident were doing that caused the accident, what you saw and heard before and after the shooting itself, and if anyone else witnessed what happened.
  • Gather contact information from the shooter, any witnesses, and any necessary business contact information.
  • Contact a personal injury lawyer who has experience handling accidental shooting cases.

Types of Damages Available for Accidental Shooting Injuries

Victims of accidental shootings may be entitled to numerous types of compensation for their injuries. If you have been injured in an accidental shooting, you may receive compensation for:

  • Medical costs, including hospital bills, ambulance costs, physical therapy, medication, and rehabilitation.
  • Future medical treatments that are required to deal with severe injuries.
  • Loss of income from your job due to absent days and hospitalization.
  • Loss of future earnings due to impairment from the injuries you suffered.
  • Pain and suffering damages, including anxiety, fear, psychological trauma, and emotional stress.
  • Wrongful death expenses if a loved one or family member died from injuries from a gunshot.


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