Common Wrongful Death Causes

Last updated on: September 5, 2022

Wrongful death cases are filed every day in America. There are a number of reasons why someone would file this type of case. Factors leading to a wrongful death lawsuit usually have a few things in common. For one, the family may believe that the death of their loved one came as a result of someone behaving recklessly and without regard for other people’s safety. In some cases, there may be intent to harm or kill an individual.

Gun Violence Cases

Incidents where a gunman walks into a public building or classroom and opens fire on innocent people are among the most gruesome types of wrongful death cases. Whether the perpetrator is tried and convicted or not, families of the victims may file a wrongful death lawsuit. Civil lawsuits and criminal lawsuits are filed and held in separate courts of law.

Car Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents occur every day in America. Whenever someone is killed as a result of another’s negligence, the family of the victim will often seek compensation for those losses relating to the accident.

Many times, car accidents are completely avoidable. For example, a driver may have been distracted, fatigued, or drunk. Perhaps the driver did not adjust to changing road conditions such as inclement weather or construction. In each of those cases, the driver’s negligence may have caused the death of your loved one.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is another prevalent cause of wrongful deaths. A medical practitioner who fails to perform his or her responsibilities to acceptable standards resulting in a patient’s death can be held liable.

Examples of medical malpractice include:

  •         Misdiagnosis
  •         Failure to diagnose
  •         Performing an unnecessary surgery
  •         Error during surgery (such as operating on the wrong body part)
  •         Failing to conduct necessary tests
  •         Ignoring test results
  •         Misreading test results
  •         Prescribing improper medication

It might take a while for you to discover that your medical practitioner provided you with negligent care. For example, if your practitioner leaves a foreign object in your body after surgery, the object might not harm you until much later.

Therefore, some states base the amount of time you have to bring your medical malpractice claim starting on the date you discovered your injury rather than the date the negligence occurred. However, state laws vary, so speak with a wrongful death attorney in your state to learn whether you can still bring your claim.

Product Liability

Product liability laws require that manufacturers, product designers, and distributors work to ensure that their products are safe for public use or consumption. In product liability cases, the defendant sells a product that the victim uses, the product is defective at the time the defendant sold it, and the victim suffers an injury because of the product’s defect.

Product defects can include manufacturing defects, in which the flaw occurs in the production or assembly of the product. Marketing defects in which the manufacturer fails to warn consumers of the danger of the product or gives improper instructions also fall under the umbrella of product liability. Finally, a product may contain a design defect, which means it is inherently dangerous regardless of the manufacturing process.

Testing and guidelines are occasionally lessened in favor of getting a product to market. This can leave the public at risk. If there were no laws in place to protect consumers, many more manufacturers would skip testing altogether and none of us could be sure if our everyday products were safe enough for us.

Workplace Accidents

Workplace accidents are on the rise. A dangerous work environment poses serious risks to workers. The most common workplace accidents are falls, burns, explosions, and equipment accidents. These cause many deaths each year and most often occur at manufacturing plants, construction sites, and mining operations.

Accidents on the job are often investigated to determine exactly what happened and who was at fault. OSHA standards require that certain safety features be in place at a work site. Employers must take reasonable measures to protect their workers.

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