Episode 32: Deposition Preparation Essentials

Last updated on: November 30, 2022


In this episode, Zinda Law Group CEO and founder Jack Zinda gives you quick tips on how to prepare your client for a deposition.

Discussed in this Episode:
  • Why is deposition preparation important?
  • Preparation steps
  • Mock deposition
Why is Deposition Preparation Important?
How your client does in a deposition will make or break how the defense evaluates your case. You cannot put too much time into a deposition.
Preparation Steps
These steps will allow you to properly prepare for the deposition. 1. Understand the defense’s case. 2. Make sure the client understands what the setting will be like 3. Do not overload the client with too much information. 4. Make sure the client knows to tell the truth.
Mock Deposition
Get your client familiar with the process by practicing with someone else from your staff. If your client is struggling with a mock deposition, the worst thing you can do is add negativity to the situation. Keep your client feeling positive.
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