Getting to the Negotiating Table

Last updated on: March 19, 2013

Getting to the Negotiating Table: It’s More Than Half the Battle

To those who have been fortunate enough to have little or no experience with insurance claims, the perception is often that negotiating with the insurance company is as simple as making a phone call and letting a claims representative know what your medical expenses have totaled. In reality, the process is often much more complicated than that. First, simply identifying what insurance policies apply and who will cover your claim often requires a lot of legwork to uncover. Second, insurance adjusters often want signed authorizations to access your entire medical history, not just the injuries related to the wreck. Additionally, if you have been seen at a hospital or paid with your health insurance for your medical treatment, those businesses will often have liens on your settlement proceeds. Consequently, the insurance company will refuse to issue you a check or even to negotiate with you until you have proof that those entities have been paid. Worse still is the situation where there are limited insurance proceeds to pay for your injuries. In those scenarios, you often must negotiate with your health insurance and the hospital to avoid still owing money at the resolution of your claim, even if the accident was 100% not your fault!

Of course, once both you and the insurance company are finally ready to negotiate, it also helps to have someone with knowledge of and practice with negotiating claims on your side. In this last respect, there is no substitute for experience.  If you are feeling unsure where to start in negotiating your claim, give the lawyers at Zinda Law Group a call. We have experience negotiating hundreds of claims, and would be glad to offer you a free consultation, if even just to point you in the right direction.