Compensation for a Motorcycle Accident

Compensation for a Motorcycle Accident

The most complicating thing with motorcycle accidents is the degree of injury. We got several videos that may talk about spinal cord injuries and brain injuries, but those are within the group of the severe injuries that somebody may face with the motorcycle accident. Of course things like broken bones, amputations, eye injuries and brain injuries, can be common problem with the motor cycle accident.

Another thing that we commonly hear is: “I didn’t have my helmet on, so I can’t recover for the accident”. That’s not always true, Texas law can vary depending on the situation as to whether or not having a helmet on, or not can minimize your claim. The best thing you do is to meet with an attorney to discuss it, in most cases we can keep that issue from the jury. Because it didn’t actually cause your injury, the accident is what caused your injury and had not happen the fact, that you had no helmet would have no problem.  

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