How is a motorcycle accident different than a car accident in El Paso?


El Paso motorcycle accidents present a lot of challenges that a standard car accident doesn’t. The obvious one most people understand, is the injuries. Because a motorcycle rider is exposed to the elements, their injuries typically are more severe than somebody involved in an auto wreck. A relatively minor auto accident may not cause any injuries to the occupants, or if they do, they’re soft tissue or something fairly minor. Whereas, the same speed and circumstances involving a motorcycle rider, could potentially risk their life. One of the greatest differences, obviously, is those additional injuries come with specialists that need to be seen, and additional evaluations. Of course, when your injuries are more severe, the insurance companies are also more likely to dispute the fault for the accident. You should know that even though a lot of times you’ll hear insurance adjusters say that they’re going to accept fault, or accept liability for an accident, that’s not binding on them. It doesn’t mean that they will hold true to that throughout the case or in the litigation. Typically, the more serious your injuries are, the more likely they are to fight it. A lot of times motorcycle riders get some fault assumed, because people think that by riding a motorcycle you’re engaging in some sort of dangerous or highly risky activity. Many times drivers just don’t see motorcycle riders on the road, so establishing liability can be a little difficult. It can be very helpful to have an attorney look at determining who was at fault in the case, and preserving all the evidence necessary to prove liability. Juries, a lot of times, think that just by riding a motorcycle, you’re putting yourself at risk, and they take that into the courtroom. This also happens if you’re riding a motorcycle without a helmet, even though you have that right in El Paso and throughout the state of Texas. Particularly if you’re riding without a helmet, it would be worth your time to meet with an attorney. Many adjusters are going to say that you’re at fault because you didn’t have your helmet on, and you put yourself at risk. However, that’s not the law currently in this state, and adjusters often times will carry that prospective in. If you or someone close to you has been injured in a motorcycle accident, we possess the legal knowledge, experience and litigation resources to pursue the best possible outcome of your motorcycle accident claim. Our law firm provides statewide representation with an office located in El Paso, Texas. The Law Firm of Zinda Law Group offers a free consultation so we can evaluate your case and discuss your rights and remedies. No Recovery, No Lawyer Fees. Call us today toll free at 800-863-5312.

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