11 things to do after a slip and fall injury

Personal Injuries November 14th, 2022

Call (800) 863 5312 to speak with slip and fall injury lawyers at zinda law group for free A slip and fall accident can occur in a second, but it can cause long-lasting financial and emotional damages. Each year, slip and falls account for over 1 million hospital visits. When employers ignore safety regulations or […]


This is What You Should Know Before Signing Medical Authorization for an Insurance Company

Guidelines November 14th, 2022

If you have been injured in an accident, you are likely to come into contact with an insurance company at some point afterward. However, insurance adjusters are unlikely to have your best interest at heart when they interact with you. Of course, it’s their job to protect the interests of the company that employs them, […]


Top 11 Reasons to Hire an Attorney

General November 14th, 2022

If you’ve been injured due to the negligence of someone else, you shouldn’t have to go through the legal process alone. While the thought of hiring an attorney may seem intimidating, a personal injury lawyer can help you pursue the compensation you deserve. An experienced team of attorneys can answer your questions and advocate for […]


Should I See a Doctor After a Car Accident Even If I Am Not Hurt?

Car Accidents November 14th, 2022

Being in a car accident is stressful and frightening, as these situations can often lead to property damage and serious injury. When the dust settles after a collision or other accident, you may find that you feel fine and have not received any injury. While you seem to have made a lucky escape, you may […]



Construction Accidents November 04th, 2022

Construction accidents injure or kill thousands of Americans every year. There are large pieces of equipment and major forces involved in what happens at construction sites.  The injuries can be significant and common in construction accidents. Many of these injuries are caused by poor safety standards or procedures, the negligence of somebody involved, faulty equipment, […]


How Long Do Personal Injury Cases Take?

Guidelines November 04th, 2022

It can be an uncertain time when you have been hurt by someone else, and you will want to know how long it will take to seek compensation for your injuries and losses. It is important to contact an experienced car accident lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your potential options and to get […]


Injured by someone who was texting while driving?

Accident Types November 04th, 2022

How does texting cause accidents? Texting while driving is a form of distracted driving. It distracts you visually, manually, and cognitively by removing your attention from the road. Looking at your phone to read or send a message is a visual distraction. Holding the phone is a manual distraction alone, but the act of typing […]


Drunk Driving And Injuries In A Car Accident

Car Accidents November 04th, 2022

Thousands of people die each year in accidents with drunk drivers, and even more are injured. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a third of traffic crash fatalities are caused by drunk drivers. If you are involved in a car accident due to a drunk driver, you may be frustrated with […]


Who Is Liable After A Truck Accident?

Liability November 04th, 2022

With the increased amount of products being shipped, it’s no surprise trucking accidents rose by a significant margin in 2021. Following an accident with a semi-truck can be devastating to your financial and medical life, leaving you wondering where and who can help.  If you or someone you love has been involved in an accident […]


How to collect workers’ compensation for personal injuries

Personal Injuries November 04th, 2022

Call (800) 863 5312 to speak with personal injury lawyers at zinda law group for free Figuring out how to collect workers’ compensation for personal injuries depends on several factors, including the nature of your employment, the circumstances of your accident, whether your employer carries workers’ compensation insurance, whether you opted into the program, the location […]