Filing a Personal Injury Claim

From car accidents to construction accidents, nursing home abuse to defective product cases, our firm has seen it all. As a seasoned law firm, we work relentlessly to secure a claim on behalf of our clients or their families. All too often, a victim of negligence is so deeply injured that he or she is nearly bedridden for long periods of time. In cases such as these, the victim is too focused on healing and recovering so that they can return to work and their regular duties to bother with the legal aspects of the accident. Here at our office, we are here to convince you to do otherwise.

Retaining a personal injury lawyer at your soonest convenience could be the extra push you need to make a full recovery. Even if you are too injured or ill to file a claim personally, you can have a family member help you get the legal representation you need on your behalf. Without a personal injury claim in hand, you will be left to pay for the damages caused by another person. Hospital bills, ambulance costs, medication, rehabilitation, lost wages, psychological trauma and any other physical damage will be costly – possibly in the range of tens of thousands of dollars or more. When you do not have this money to spare, and especially when your injuries force you to remain home from work, the time has come to call our office.