How Does an Insurance Company Determine a Settlement Amount for a Personal Injury Claim?

There are several factors that insurance companies and attorneys use to determine what an appropriate settlement amount is. The first thing they look at is who is responsible and the percentage of responsibility placed on the individual or entity. Second they will look at how much damage was caused. Was it a serious injury? Was it a moderate or a mild injury?

Next they'll look at the medical bills. Are they very high? Are they very low? Are they somewhere in between? They will look at how it has affected your life. Obviously, if you're a professional athlete, the injury may affect you in a very different way than an office worker. And lastly they will look at the conduct of the parties. If there is a drunk driver or somebody who ran away from the scene -that could mean that the settlement offer would be higher than a situation where somebody who was just negligent on the road not paying attention and not intoxicated.