Playground Injuries: Lawyer’s Advice and Statistics

It is well known that play is important for a child’s cognitive and physical development, and that playgrounds provide the perfect location for children to develop those skills. However, did you know that each year emergency departments treat more than 200,000 children for playground related injuries? Here are a few statistics:

  • Children ages 5-9 have higher rates of playground injuries that mostly occur at school.
  • About 45% of playground related injuries are severe, and include fractures, internal injuries, concussions, and even amputations.
  • About 75% of non-fatal injuries related to playground equipment occur on public playgrounds.
  • At public playgrounds, most injuries occur on climbers.
  • At home playgrounds, swings are responsible for most injuries.

The most common causes of injuries on playgrounds are faulty equipment, improper ground cover, lack of supervision, and poor equipment maintenance.


Faulty Equipment:

Faulty equipment on a playground can have massive consequences. This can include everything from a swing that is not attached properly, to loose rungs on a ladder heading up to the top of the slide. There are still many playgrounds that contain equipment that is out of date and would not pass today’s standards. It is important that parent’s check all equipment for safety before the fun starts.

Improper Ground Cover:

Falls account for approximately 20% of playground deaths. This number can be greatly reduced by going to playgrounds that have shock absorbing material as the base of the playground. Shock absorbing materials include loose filling such as wood chips, rubber tiles, and poured in place rubber surfaces. When visiting playgrounds with loose filling as the surface, make sure that the height of the loose filling is up to current standards.

Lack of supervision:

Lack of supervision or inadequate supervision accounts for roughly 45% of playground accidents. This number can be greatly reduced by parents ensuring that their children know the rules of the playground. Parents should discuss rules on topics such as jumping, climbing, swinging, and horseplay.

Poor Equipment Maintenance:

Proper maintenance of play equipment is crucial in ensuring the safety of children at play. Studies have shown that playground equipment in poor repair is most common in low income areas. Some examples of poor maintenance can be protruding nails, rusty slides, and ground cover not kept at the appropriate depth.

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