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Construction Accidents

Construction Accident Attorney in Texas

One injury that results from a construction accident may result in millions of dollars of damages in your case. In Texas, personal injury lawyers can help you pursue any construction accident claims that you may have. Unfortunately, statistics indicate that workers are frequently injured or even die as a result of construction site accidents. It is estimated that one construction worker dies every three days in the United States. About 20 percent of all construction site workers are injured on the job. The Workers' Defense Project also reported that 138 construction site workers died in 2010 as a result of on-site accidents.

If you have been the victim of a construction site accident, then a lawyer can help your case. A lawyer will be able to research your case to see whether a construction company was abiding by the safety regulations that have been put forth in Texas. A lawyer can help you figure out whether you must submit a claim for compensation under the Texas Workers' Compensation Act. The lawyer will need to show that a contractor failed to provide safe conditions in the construction site atmosphere in which a worker completed his or her tasks.

In other cases, a lawyer may be able to assert that a third party was negligent in causing the injury that a worker suffered at a construction site. There are a variety of third parties who may be liable for a worker's injuries at a construction site. These third parties may include architects or the manufacturers of equipment that was used on the site. A property owner may also be liable for failing to repair a dangerous condition on a construction site. These third party claims can quickly become very complex, and it is in your best interest to work with a construction accident lawyer who fully understands these claims.

It is also common for workers to become injured due to defective equipment that is used on a construction site. The defective equipment may include broken scaffoldings or power tools. A crane may malfunction and accidentally hit a worker who is on a construction site. A ladder may also fall on a worker and cause him or her to experience severe injuries.

Because there are limits to the amount of funds that workers may receive under the Workers' Compensation Act, construction accident cases can quickly become complicated for workers. A worker may need to pursue additional funds to cover the full extent of injuries that he or she has suffered as a result of construction side injuries. A construction accident lawyer will help a worker to analyze all of the potential claims that exist for him or her.

Texas currently abides by the Occupation Safety and Health Act of 1970. You should get in touch with a Texas lawyer who has a thorough understanding of these regulations. When a lawyer understands how a contractor has deviated from the regulations in this Act, he or she will help any construction worker to recover the full amount of compensation that is available.