Common Causes of Gas Explosions

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A gas explosion occurs when there is a gas leak combined with an ignition source. A variety of explosive gases exist, including methane, propane, natural gas, and butane. These gases are widely used throughout the world for heating purposes.

Over the years, thousands of people have been killed in gas explosions, and many of these tragic events have occurred while industrial workers were installing or repairing natural gas pipelines.

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Common Causes of Gas Explosions

What Causes Gas Explosions?

Often, during the coldest seasons of the year, we hear of gas explosions where an entire family is killed as a result of a faulty gas heater or leak in the gas lines. Recently, we have heard of troubling situations where the gas lines coming to and from a home simply wear out or rust, allowing gas to escape.

Any type of fire, flame, or even a spark can set off accumulated pockets of gas. In September 2010, a natural gas pipeline explosion in a San Francisco suburb ignited a massive fire that killed 4, injured dozens more, and leveled 37 homes. Several residents in this neighborhood had reported the smell of gas weeks before the explosion, but according to reports, the natural gas utility that owned the pipeline never responded to the calls for help. The explosion was investigated and believed to have occurred due to worn-out couplings and pipelines along the street. Below are a few of the major causes of gas explosion:

  • Improper use of gas furnace, stove, or appliance, including leaking due to gas lines being hooked up incorrectly
  • Old, worn-out, rusty gas lines coming from the street into your home
  • Defective equipment, including gas grills, acetylene torches, and other equipment that uses gas as a power or fuel source
  • Violations of codes and standards governing the safe handling of gas or propane
  • Faulty manufacturing procedures used in building gas tanks for automobiles

A number of shocking cases have occurred where auto manufacturers have utilized sub-standard products when installing gas tanks in certain automobiles and trucks. Many of these cases have resulted in the gas tank exploding during a minor auto accident. Tragic events like gas explosions can leave families devastated. Family members who do survive may require a lifetime of medical care, medications, and procedures.

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