DePuy Hip Recall Cases Lawyers in Dallas

Have you had to undergo a surgery for a hip replacement? Something of this nature is not simple – in fact it is often painful and can cause immeasurable stress in your life. It, however, often has benefits that far outweigh the discomfort of enduring a surgery. Following a hip replacement, a patient will once again be able to experience immeasurably greater mobility and will be able to move forward into their future with better health. Nevertheless, this is not always the result that patients are given. In fact, thanks to defective parts in a hip replacement system, many have suffered even more - some even being forced to undertake a second surgery just to help fix what occurred in the first.

In August of 2010, DePuy Orthopaedics, a division of Johnson and Johnson, was forced to recall two of their most popularly used hip implant devices, the ASR XL Acetabular System and the ASR Hip Resurfacing System. Although they were given special FDA clearance to market the products without clinical trials, it was later discovered that some of the components used by these systems were actually defective in nature, causing complications in patients that ranged from misalignment to dislocation to even bone fractures. Some other complications have included damage to the muscles, tissues and nerves surrounding the hip, as well as swelling, infection, bone staining and necrosis.

It has been reported that over 90,000 patients have undergone a surgery with this defective and dangerous system. Since then, it has been found that a staggering one in every eight patients has had a device fail on them – causing them to undergo what is known as a "revision" surgery. This led to the voluntary recall issued by the company, however, many experts have claimed that due to the high number of failures reported that this recall should have happened much sooner.

Helping Patients with DePuy Hip Recall Cases

If you have undergone surgery with a DePuy hip product, even if you have not yet noticed unintentional issues, it is in your best interests to get the involvement of an experienced lawyer on your side. It has been found that in some cases, the side effects can take a considerable amount of time before they become noticeable. For example, the system has been known to leak cobalt and chromium into the body during surgery – resulting in the bone being eaten away at over time.

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So don't wait! No matter whether you have already begun to notice pain or have yet to notice anything, we can review your case and determine your legal options. As there have been thousands of patients who have utilized this device, there are lawsuits being filed around the country – don't let yourself get lost in the shuffle. Get the compassionate and personalized legal assistance that you deserve from a Personal Injury Attorneys by contacting our firm as soon as you can – we stand ready to help protect you.