Denver Volkswagen Recall

Last updated on: October 2, 2015

One of the biggest recalls in U.S. history was announced on September 18, 2015 by the EPA. The EPA announced a massive recall of over 480,000 diesel passenger cars. This recall covered a wide-range of Volkswagen and Audi vehicles sold since 2008. Specifically, the recall covers the following:

  • Volkswagen Jettas from 2009-2015
  • Volkswagen Beetles from 2009-2015
  • Volkswagen Golfs from 2009-2015
  • Volkswagen Passats from 2014-2015
  • Audi A3s from 2009-2015

These cars were intentionally equipped with a program that would only activate the full emission control systems during emissions testing. During normal driving conditions, the controls would be automatically switched off. As a result, and in clear violation of U.S. clean air laws, these vehicles emitted significantly greater amounts of pollutants.

How Were You Harmed

In today’s environmentally conscious atmosphere, many buyers have looked to purchase vehicles on the premise that they would be making an environmentally-sound decision. In fact, Volkswagen specifically marketed these vehicles to consumers as fuel-efficient cars that would only emit a limited amount of pollutants. Volkswagen even championed the claim that “this ain’t your daddy’s diesel, stinky, smoky, and sluggish.” Now, due to the recall, those claims are cast in doubt. Therefore, trade-in and resale values of those vehicles are going to be negatively affected as consumers have no reason to believe the claims.

The EPA has issued a notice that the recalled vehicles can emit up to 40 times more than the national standard for nitrogen oxides (NOx). Though diesel engines typically emit higher levels of NOx than gasoline engines, the emissions on these vehicles – when the full systems were activated – were thought to drastically cut down on that. The most worrisome fact is that NOx has linked to causing certain lung diseases, such as asthma.

Unfortunately, Volkswagen has not issued a statement or a proposed remedy to repair the vehicles. It is a common thought that Volkswagen will reprogram the onboard computers. This will permanently enable the emission control systems, during any and all driving conditions. Automotive writer Bill Visnic has stated that, though this may repair that particular issue, it will likely reduce engine power and torque. He has been quoted as stating that it will compromise the vehicles’ over-the-road performance and harm the fuel economy of the diesel engine. This is particularly troublesome as fuel economy is a primary reason people purchase diesel engines.

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If you have purchased or leased any of the Volkswagen or Audi models noted above, which are equipped with diesel engines, please contact the VW recall lawyers at Zinda Law Group today. We will evaluate your case to determine whether or not you have a claim.

Legal Rights of Consumers

Consumers have many options available through state and federal law. When products are deceptively advertised or do not meet their own marketed standards, consumers may have claims. Even when your vehicle’s warranty has expired, you still may be able to benefit from consumer protection laws.

Though individual claims, such as these, are often too expensive to litigate on their own, consumers have the ability to file and participate in a collective suit, called a class action. In class actions, a smaller number of consumers files suit to represent the interests of all of the consumers who have suffered the same or similar type of harm. Class action suits allow consumers to hold corporations liable for and have them acknowledge their wrongdoing, as well as provide compensation to the individual members of a class.

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