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Can I File a Claim Against Uber for Injuries Sustained in an Accident?

Uber has become increasingly popular over the past few years, providing an alternative to taxi cabs and providing transportation in locations that have very few, if any, taxi cabs.  Lyft is a similar ride-sharing company that has many of the same conveniences as Uber.

However, along with convenience comes the risk of being injured if you are involved in an accident.  While accidents can happen at any time regardless of whether an Uber driver is involved, the aftermath of an Uber-related accident can be much more complicated, as the company itself and the driver may be found responsible for any injuries resulting from an accident.

What Are My Options?

If you have been injured in an accident involving an Uber vehicle, you may have the ability to file a personal injury lawsuit and/or file an insurance claim to recover for any personal injuries sustained in the accident.  However, you must be able to prove that your injuries were caused by the accident, regardless of whether you were a driver or passenger of another vehicle involved, a passenger of the Uber vehicle, or a pedestrian.

In the past, injured individuals did not have as many options to recover for personal injuries aside from filing a lawsuit or insurance claim against the driver of the Uber vehicle, or filing an insurance claim with his or her own insurance policy.  Today, rideshares like Uber have liability coverage that can cover the accident if it is proven that a person’s injuries were the result of an accident involving a rideshare driver.  But it is important to keep the following information in mind as each accident may be treated differently based on different facts and circumstances:

  • Uber drivers are independent contractors, not employees. As such, Uber is not always responsible for the driver’s conduct.
  • All Uber drivers are required to have a personal insurance policy, must undergo a background check, and have a clean driving record.
  • Uber carries a $1 million liability insurance policy that is only in effect when an Uber driver is working when an accident occurs.
  • Uber will not provide coverage if an accident occurs when the driver has the Uber app turned off or is not on duty.
  • Uber may provide a certain amount of coverage if the Uber driver’s app is on and he or she is “available” to pick a passenger up. However, the $1 million policy will not be in effect when there are no passengers in the Uber vehicle.

Overall, the process for determining what your legal rights are in the event you or a loved one suffers injuries from an Uber-related accident can be extremely difficult and confusing.  Therefore, any consideration of legal action should be discussed alongside an experienced El Paso personal injury and car accident attorney.

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Injuries sustained from being involved in a car accident can make a road to recovery very difficult, physically, mentally, and financially.  If you have suffered injuries from a car accident, and you believe someone else may be at fault, you should consider discussing the accident with an El Paso Uber accident attorney. Call 800-863-5312 to get your free consultation today.


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