Roller Coaster Accident Injuries and Amusement Park Safety

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Amusement parks are timeless avenues for fun and excitement. Individuals and families walk through the gate, exchanging the worries of their daily lives for a taste of adventure. Unfortunately, some leave the Amusement park with life-altering injuries, turning a day of simple fun into a nightmare.

The safety of mobile and permanent theme parks is determined by the maintenance of the equipment and the knowledge and actions of its operator. Traveling amusement parks may or may not be held to safety inspections. Permanent parks are not necessarily protected by regulating or inspecting entities. These protections are set by local and state law. There are no federal laws regarding amusement parks. Only some states have laws in place to handle the management of the parks and their maintenance. For example: Florida, the home of Disney World and other attractions, does not have state regulations in place.

The two causes of accidents are the maintenance of the rides and the knowledge and diligence of the operators. These rides require multiple level inspections to guarantee they are in proper working order and safe for passengers. The tracks, cars, safety bars and electronics all determine whether a ride is one filled with excitement or injury. The operators are the first line of defense for ride safety issues. They are also the ones that police age, height and weight of allowable riders and to ensure the proper use of safety equipment. The failure to follow these basic rules has lead to pain, suffering and in some cases even death.

Every year hospitals witness the outcome of poor park management. The most common injuries are cuts, whiplash and broken bones. The list of amusement park injuries also includes strokes, heart attacks, and multiple brain traumas, such as hematomas and aneurysms. There is a history of death caused from these types of injuries, as well as falls and drowning. These are all the result of excessive forces and jerking of roller coasters, failing safety measures and the lack of proper inspections.

Fortunately, the basic expectation of safety is protected through the legal system. Unlike auto accidents, where the insurance company will stand for the rights of the injured, amusement park injuries require a legal team to defend the health and wellbeing of the harmed person and their loved ones. The law firm of Zinda Law Group will help fight for personal injury issues. They are experienced in a multitude of injury cases caused by negligence. The attorneys fully understand the emotional and physical suffering caused by accidents such as these and are well-informed of the medical needs and care necessary to right the wrong. The law offices of Zinda Law Group are protectors of victims and are ready to fight to make sure the failure of theme parks to protect their guests is punished. Contact the personal injury attorneys at Zinda Law Group today for a free consultation.