Burn Injury Lawyers in Frisco, Texas

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Burn injuries are all too commonplace in the typical Texas industrial setting. Many professionals are repeatedly exposed to risks in their everyday work environment and are at risk of getting a burn injury from coming into contact with electrical wiring, industrial chemicals and other work-related activities. The burn victim must be prepared to manage the medical expenses, worker’s comp claims, and insurance companies during the recovery process.

Why do burn injuries occur in Frisco, TX?

Industrial facilities, warehouses and manufacturing facilities are some some of the top employers in the Frisco, TX region. Workers who come into contact with hazardous chemicals, electrical wiring and heavy industrial equipment on a daily basis can be burned by accident performing any of the essential functions for their jobs.

What are they different types of burns?

Burn accidents are complex in nature. Any type of accident can occur with the person makes contact with a substance, piece of equipment, wiring or fire and be burned as a result. Here is an overview of the top burn injury cases.

Electrocution – Employee is exposed to a high voltage of electricity and is shocked as a result.
Heat – Employees come into contact with hot surface or is burned by equipment or its component.
Chemicals – Toxic chemicals come into contact with the skin causing irritation and subsequent burns.
Friction – Skin is abraded in error by coming into contact with a surface, instrument or piece of equipment.
Radiation – Person sustains burn from handling or using X-ray equipment.
Auto accidents – Occurring often in car accidents, the burns can result from vehicle fires or fire started with flammable liquids leaked during accident.
Inhalation – When employee mistakenly inhales toxic, gaseous elements, causing prolonged respiratory issues.
Scalding – Employee makes contact with boiling substance, causing severe burns to skin.

How do injury lawyers in Frisco help victims and family of victims?

Texas law protects burn victims and their families when an accident occurs. Provisions in place allow for family members to be compensated for injuries and any loss resulting from the employer or other party’s negligence. When the other party responsible for the accident fails to take certain actions or is reckless, the victim may be entitled to compensation. This is why it is important to contact an injury lawyer in Frisco immediately following an accident.

Over 10,000 deaths occur each year as a result of commercial and residential accidents. All people who have been involved in an accident should work with a burn injury lawyer to ensure that their claim is handled properly. An accident lawyer in Frisco will navigate the many challenges that come with dealing with worker’s comp claims, medical facilities, and expenses related to the accident.