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Winter sports can bring an exciting change of pace for many people, like those who enjoy the thrill of skiing or snowboarding. Indeed, thousands of winter sports enthusiasts enjoy the skiing and snowboarding opportunities available in Arizona each year. Unfortunately, these winter sports can be as dangerous as they are thrilling, even for experienced skiers. If you were injured in an accident while on the slopes, you need the experienced help of a skilled personal injury attorney, such as one of our Tucson ski accident lawyers.

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Arizona ski laws

Much of the law in Arizona governing skiing accidents is found within Arizona Revised Statutes Sections 5-701 through 5-707. These statutes define both the duties of skiers in Arizona as well as well as the various duties of ski resort operators. In most accident cases in Arizona, resort owners are generally protected from any liability, and the skier is responsible for protecting their own safety.

A.R.S. §5-705 describes the duties of skiers in Arizona, including that the skier assumes all of the risk and liability for any injuries that may result from the inherent dangers of skiing. Arizona law recognizes the inherent dangers that are associated with winter sports like skiing and snowboarding and requires you to be vigilant, exercise care, and follow recommended safety measures to avoid accidents, if possible.

What Are the Inherent Dangers of Skiing?

Arizona law provides that skiers and snowboarders assume the risk from all the inherent dangers of skiing. According to A.R.S. § 5-701, these “inherent dangers and risks” include:

  • Collisions with other skiers
  • Changing weather conditions
  • Changing or existing snow surface conditions
  • Surface or subsurface conditions, such as rocks, trees, or bare spots
  • Impacts with signs, fences, lift towers, or other man-made structures
  • Any variations in the steepness or terrain
  • The failure of skiers to ski within their own skill or abilities

If the ski or snowboard accident was the result of one of these “inherent dangers and risks,” it may be difficult to pursue any injury claim. You will need to hire an experienced attorney to help you understand your legal rights and whether you may be able to pursue any compensation for your injuries.

What If I Signed A Waiver?

Unfortunately, Arizona law limits most actions against ski area operators if you signed a valid waiver. According to A.R.S. §5-706, if the ski area operator proves that you signed a valid release, then that release will determine the operator’s liability. In most cases, these waivers waive all liability for the operator for any accidents or injuries that may have been caused by negligence.

As a result, this means you may be unable to pursue a claim against the ski resort operator unless you can prove the release you signed was not valid or unless you can prove an exception applies. In some cases, if you are able to prove that the accident was caused by the operator’s recklessness, you may still be able to pursue compensation. However, it will generally be crucial to hire a skilled ski & snowboard accident lawyer who understands Arizona law and can examine the waiver you signed to determine whether it may be possible to prove the resort’s liability for your accident.

Safety tips for avoiding skiing accidents

Given the dangerous nature of winter sports like skiing or snowboarding, it is important to practice various safety tips and behaviors to allow you to enjoy the thrill while lowering your risks of serious injury. These safety tips that may help protect you anytime you decide to hit the slopes include:

1. Know Your Limits

One of the first safety tips to always keep in mind is knowing your limits. Even before you head to the slopes you should already be aware of what your limits are as a skier or snowboarder. Keep these limits in mind when choosing the slopes you wish to try and when you actually head out on them.

Various slopes differ in the degree of difficulty, and you should stick to the “bunny” slopes if you are still a beginner. By knowing your limits, and slowly developing your skills, you can more safely move up to more difficult slopes while making sure that you are physically and mentally prepared for each progression. You should also never be afraid to take things slowly on the slopes and to exercise good judgment at all times.

2. Always Wear A Helmet and Other Protective Gear

Like in many other sports, head injuries are some of the most common and most dangerous injuries that may be suffered in a snowboarding or skiing accident. As a result of the speeds that can be achieved while racing down a slope, even a simple fall can cause serious head injuries, including even traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Worse, head injuries can happen to anyone, from the most experienced and skilled skiers to a beginner, especially as you cannot control other skiers around you.

Therefore, you should always remember to wear a helmet that fits and the appropriate protective gear to help protect yourself. In the case of a skiing or snowboard accident, wearing the appropriate safety gear may prevent you from suffering more serious injuries.

3. Obey Any Rules or Posted Signage

Mountain rules as well as posted signage or warnings are intended to help keep you safe while on the slopes. Always obey these rules, and stay off any closed trails or runs; you should also pay close attention to the difficulty levels that may be assigned to certain slopes and be aware of your limits and experience before attempting any slope that may be too difficult. Finally, pay close attention to the rules for your behavior on the slopes such as the rules against reckless behavior that could cause a collision between you and other skiers.

4. Stay Together

Use the buddy system or stick with your group any time you are skiing or snowboarding. Engaging in these activities alone, or becoming separated from others, can be extremely dangerous; if you fall or are otherwise injured, it may be very difficult for you to contact help. Further, it may be difficult for medical personnel or rescuers to find you if you are injured but no one knows your location.

While it can be very easy to get separated while on the mountain, especially while focusing on the thrill or excitement of flying down the slopes, sticking together could potentially save lives. However, in case you will find yourself separated from those who traveled to the mountain or resort with you, be sure to coordinate with everyone in your group by planning ahead and arranging a location where you can meet in case you become separated.

How an injury law firm can help you

One of the most important decisions you can make after any accident is hiring the best attorney to represent you. Skiing accidents can be especially complex, and it will be important for you to hire an attorney who has years of experience helping victims of similar accidents pursue compensation in Arizona. The skilled lawyers at Zinda Law Group have this experience and offer a free case evaluation to help you determine whether you may have a claim; we take pleasure in explaining how Zinda Law Group may be able to help you pursue any compensation you may be entitled to.

For example, our attorneys will often conduct a thorough investigation of the accident to gather any evidence that may be available to help support your claim. If you signed a waiver with the ski resort operator, your attorney will investigate whether the waiver applies to your accident or if an exception may apply, which would allow you to pursue an action against the operator. Your lawyer will handle your injury claim, negotiating with the other party or the other party’s insurer to help you reach an acceptable settlement if possible, or presenting your claim at trial.

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