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Unusual Injuries Hurt Too

Posted: June 3rd, 2013 | Author: Austin-Personal-Injury-Blog
Categories: Personal Injury Blog

Unusual Injuries Hurt Too

The Dallas Morning News recently ran an article that discussed the requirement in Texas that bounce house operators carry liability insurance in Texas, in case children are injured while partaking in the fun. The article contrasted the amount of coverage those operators are required to carry with some other minimum coverage provisions that apply to operators of more dangerous activities, like fertilizer production. The article illustrated what many in Texas see as insufficient coverage requirements for businesses that conduct dangerous activities. However, the article also illustrated another important point, albeit perhaps inadvertently.

The fact that owners and operators of places like bounce houses are required to carry liability insurance shows that Texas lawmakers realize accidents often happen in unusual ways. Life has a funny way of throwing unexpected circumstances at us, and just because an injury resulted from an unusual set of circumstances does not make the injury any less significant. Furthermore, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a personal injury victim is unable to bring a claim. The smart personal injury victim should always check out their options and ask the question, “What went wrong to cause me to get injured?” For instance, in the example of bounce houses above, did the operator allow too many children in the bounce house at one time? Did he or she permit rambunctious activity to go on unchecked or unsupervised? Did they know there was a problem with the equipment, yet proceed to use it anyway?

Answering those types of questions is where a smart Personal Injury Attorney can really help you. At Zinda Law Group, we’ll even investigate those questions for free, and we’ll always give you a straightforward answer to what your legal options might be.