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Diving underwater is a great way to observe an entirely different ecosystem than is found on land. Especially at tropical resorts and Caribbean vacation destinations, scuba diving and snorkeling are popular attractions. But these seemingly innocuous activities can result in catastrophic injuries or even death. Victims and their families may be slapped with significant medical bills and treatment costs, pain and suffering, time missed from work and lost wages, lost future wages if the victim is unable to work at his or her full capacity going forward, and other such losses. If the victim dies, these expenses can also include funeral and burial expenses and the loss of the deceased’s companionship.


You and your family may be entitled to compensation following a diving accident. This will depend on whether the scuba or diving company acted reasonably under the circumstances. Where the company or your diving instructor unreasonably placed you in a dangerous situation and you were injured as a result, compensation may be available.

Common Causes of Diving Accidents

Diving accidents are typically preventable if the diver and/or the diving company exercised greater care. A diving company is obviously not responsible for your injuries if you and you alone caused your injuries (taking your mask off underwater, for example). But a diving company may have acted unreasonably and negligently if the company:


Did not train you or its instructors properly

If the company does not tell you how to properly use your equipment, negligence can be found. Likewise a company that hires dive instructors without properly training them and making sure they are proficient in how to teach others to be safe can also be found to be negligent.


Used improperly-maintained equipment

A dive company is responsible for using reasonable care in maintaining its diving equipment and replacing equipment that is no longer safe or usable. A company that does not do so can be responsible for injuries that result.


Unsafe water conditions

Unless you are an experienced diver, you are unlikely to know when water conditions are not safe to dive. Instead, you would defer to the dive operator or dive instructor to make such a determination. If he or she misjudges the condition of the water and you are injured as a result, the dive company may be liable.


Other dive-related injuries are caused not by the dive company but by other people:

Being struck by a boat:

A nearby boater may be inebriated or impaired and can run through the area in which you or a loved one are diving, striking you or your loved one with a boat. This can result in serious injuries or even death.

Dive partner negligence:

Dives usually occur in groups unless you have paid for a private dive session. Another person in the dive group can act negligently and cause your injuries. For instance, a dive partner who swims too close to you and kicks you, causing your mask and mouthpiece to come off or knocking you unconscious, can be held responsible for the injuries you suffer.

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