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Children generally love to play and show off around a diving board. Screams of “Cannonball” and children jumping into a pool while trying to cause the biggest splash possible are common around swimming pools and lakes during the summer months. But like pools and other aquatic attractions, diving boards can cause serious injury or death to you or your children. If a pool owner installs a diving board, he or she must take certain precautions to ensure those who use the diving board remain reasonably safe. Those pool owners who do not may be found responsible for compensating you and your family for the injuries, expenses, and losses you sustain.

Common Causes of Diving Board Accidents

Most dangerous conditions that exist on diving boards are present because the pool owner has neglected to maintain the diving board:

  • Non-slip materials on the board and steps may have become worn through repeated use;
  • Railings may be loose or improperly secured for the stairs and board;
  • Skin oils and suntan lotion may have accumulated on the board, making the board extremely slippery;
  • Bolts or screws that secure the board may have become loose, creating the risk of a puncture injury;
  • Signs may not be posted alerting swimmers when diving is dangerous;
  • There may be an improper amount of water in the pool, making diving dangerous.

Common Diving Board Accident Injuries

Diving board injuries can be especially serious because they are near to water. Even if the diving board itself causes a minor injury, the severity of the situation can quickly escalate because of the water. Common injuries seen in diving board accident cases include:

  • Puncture wounds and cuts and lacerations due to bolts sticking out of the board or sharp edges on the diving board;
  • Broken bones caused by slips and falls or trips and falls on and near the diving board;
  • Neck and spine injuries if the victim slips and falls, landing on his or her back;
  • Traumatic brain injuries from striking one’s head against the board, railing or another surface either due to a slippery diving board, an unexpected fall, a dive into water that is too shallow, or other similar situation;
  • Death, if (for example) the person is knocked unconscious and slips into the water and drowns or if he or she breaks a bone and is unable to swim to safety.

The Pool Owner May Be Held Responsible for Your Diving Board Accident Injuries

When you are injured on the diving board of a pool belonging to another, that other person may be responsible for contributing to your injuries if he or she did not exercise reasonable care in maintaining the diving board. If he or she fails to regularly inspect the board for loose bolts or sharp edges, fails to make sure railings and secured and non-slip material is present on the board, fails to remove oily substances from the board or fails to ensure that there is sufficient water underneath the diving board, then the pool owner is likely to be found negligent. A pool owner who is found negligent can then be held responsible for compensating accident victims who suffer injuries that are caused by the dangerous diving board conditions.


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