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For most people, rivers speak of long summer days spent cruising lazily down the river while drinking and relaxing with friends. Families and children also enjoy going to the river, swimming or boating on the calm waters. Rivers often appear tranquil on the surface; these surface waters, however, can hide dangerous conditions that are lurking below. Every year, a number of people are injured or killed in river-related drownings and near-drownings and other injury incidents:

  • Parasites and dangerous bacteria can cause severe illnesses for those who accidentally ingest river water;
  • Sharp rocks and glass can be present on the river’s bottom, cutting an unwary swimmer’s foot or other body part;
  • The river may suddenly deepen: where a swimmer had been able to touch the bottom of the riverbed, he or she may suddenly find that he or she is no longer able to do so; and
  • A swift current that is undetectable on the water’s surface can knock a person off his or her feet or slam him or her into obstacles, causing a drowning or near-drowning.

The risks associated with rivers are magnified when people drink and consume alcohol on or near the river. Alcohol dilutes the senses and impairs a person’s judgment. This can turn a survivable accident or incident into a deadly calamity.

Who is Responsible for My River Drowning Accident?

             People mistakenly assume that if an accident or drowning occurs on a river, no one can be held responsible for the injuries and losses that ensue. This causes injury victims to forego seeing an attorney right away and attempting to shoulder the burden of medical expenses and other losses alone. However, depending on state laws some rivers may not be considered public property but rather private property. In other words, in some cases a private property owner who did not take sufficient steps to warn others about the dangers of a river that ran through his or her property may be considered responsible in part for causing your injuries and losses.

Even if the river is considered a public waterway, there may be any number of people responsible for causing or contributing to your injury accident:

  • Other river-goers or boaters who engage in horseplay;
  • Lifeguards or river patrols who are supposed to be present to help river-goers in distress but who are underequipped, poorly trained, or too distracted to provide assistance;;
  • The manufacturer of your boat or tube if that boat or tube is represented as being safe for use on a river when it is in fact not.

How Do I Recover Compensation After a River Drowning Accident?

             The process of recovering compensation for your river accident injuries beings by speaking with an experienced attorney like those at Zinda Law Group. Your case will be evaluated and you will be informed as to the strengths and weaknesses of your case. This puts you in a more informed position to decide whether to file a lawsuit, seek a settlement, or forego seeking compensation.

If you do choose to file a lawsuit, your attorney will begin collecting statements from witnesses and assembling important evidence necessary to prove your claim. He or she will also file the necessary court documents to begin your case and advance it through the court system. Typically, there is an exchange of information and evidence (called “discovery”) that occurs before a case is ready for trial. This is done to prevent either side from being surprised at trial by an unknown witness or important but previously-undisclosed document.

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