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            It is a longstanding summer ritual for parents to send their young children off to a summer camp for a week or two. Many children look forward to the opportunity to make new friends, experience some measure of independence from home, and have fun with camp activities like hiking, archery, and swimming. Most parents entrust their children to teen counselors and adults at these camps, expecting that these people are properly trained and equipped to keep their children safe at all times. This is not always the case, however.

            There have been several incidents in recent years of children who suffer drowning or near-drowning injury accidents while at summer camp. This leaves parents and families in a terrible situation: not only are they left to grieve a son or daughter who perished in a tragic accident or wonder whether their son or daughter will make a full recovery from his or her injuries, but there are often significant expenses like medical bills, time missed from work, and funeral or burial expenses that families must pay as well.

            Zinda Law Group’s team of dedicated attorneys are here to help you and your family navigate this difficult time and recover much-needed compensation for your child’s injuries. While money cannot undo an accident or erase injuries, it can provide some financial security so that you and your family can focus on your child’s recovery.

Problems with Summer Camp Lawsuits

             A lawsuit against a summer camp can seek to hold the camp’s supervisory staff and parent company responsible for your child’s accident (amongst other potential at-fault parties). But summer camps can only continue to operate if they take in more money in registration fees and purchases than they spend on expenses, like paying compensation to injured campers and their families. As a result, summer camps may attempt to do one of the following:

  • A summer camp may have parents attempt to sign a “waiver of liability” that purportedly absolves the summer camp of any legal responsibility if their child is injured. Many parents sign these waivers not expecting an injury to occur. Then, when an injury does occur, parents may feel as if they have no legal recourse.
  • A summer camp may attempt to settle an injury case immediately after it happens by offering you some amount of money the camp feels it can afford in return for your promise not to sue the camp for damages later. Cash-strapped parents or parents who are not thinking clearly may believe the camp is acting in the best interest of their child and accept these offers only to find out that the child’s injuries are much more severe and/or costly than the offer suggested.
  • A summer camp may attempt to shame parents into not filing a lawsuit by claiming that their child was responsible for his or her own injuries and/or by saying a jury or judge would never award them any compensation at all.

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While it is important to talk with the summer camp after an accident occurred to attempt to figure out exactly what happened, parents of injured campers are rarely in the right frame of mind to have these conversations. Instead, you should hire one of Zinda Law Group’s knowledgeable summer camp accident attorneys to represent the legal interests of you and your family. We can investigate the cause of the accident and advise you who may be responsible for causing or contributing to the incident. We will also advise you whether it is better for you to settle your case or take your case to trial. We are here to help you and your family, so contact us today at (800) 863-5312.