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18 Wheeler Accidents

18-Wheeler Accidents

If you're involved with an 18 wheeler in an accident, there's important evidence that needs to be collected quickly. One of the most important things is the documentation of all of the different regulations that 18 wheeler drivers and 18 wheeler companies must follow that are different from the average driver on the road. They have to keep track of things like the hours that the driver's on duty, the hours of rest, the maintenance of the vehicle, inspections before and after trips, and things of that nature.


There are timelines where those documents are typically destroyed. Federal law requires most of those to be kept a certain period of time. After that, many companies will destroy them. Part of that is obviously to minimize the paperwork they have to keep up with, but also it eliminates the evidence that may be available for a plaintiff who's been involved in an accident with an 18 wheeler. Seek help from an attorney immediately, so that the attorney can take steps necessary to preserve that evidence for your case.