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A lawsuit may be brought against the gun owner, the person responsible for the shooting, the facility where the accidental shooting occurred, or the gun manufacturer, depending on the circumstances.

Gun accidents usually fall under one of two categories of cause: product defects or user error. Accidental gun shootings can severely injure or, in the worst cases, even kill someone. Determining the cause of the accident can help injured individuals and survivors obtain rightful compensation, but it can also help prevent future accidents such as these from happening again.

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Types of Accidental Shooting Injury Cases


Hunting is an extremely popular recreational activity in the United States. Many hunting accidents are the result of human error. Common causes of hunting accidents include:

  • Hunters walking carelessly with a loaded weapon, accidentally discharging the weapon injuring or killing someone as a result.
  • Attempting to shoot an animal but missing and instead hitting a person.
  • Mistaking a person for an animal and accidentally shooting them.


Many accidental shooting cases are the result of human error. Examples of negligent shootings include:

  • A child discovering an unsecured, loaded firearm and accidentally shoots himself or herself or others.
  • A teenager purposely accessing a parent’s gun storage and accidentally shoots himself or herself or others.
  • A gun owner firing a bullet into the air, and the bullet eventually strikes a bystander.


When a firearm explodes at the firing range, the gun manufacturer is usually the one responsible. When a gun’s design, a manufacturing defect, or poorly constructed warnings or directions contribute to the shooting, the case will fall under product liability laws.

To hold a firearm manufacturer liable for an accidental shooting, the injured individual or surviving family members must prove defectiveness in one of three below stated ways:

  • Inadequate warnings. Manufacturers must include all relevant and knowable information to minimize foreseeable risks.
  • Manufacturing defects. Manufacturers must accept responsibility for any incident that is unexpected and arises from a manufacturing defect.
  • Design defects. If the manufacturer could have done an alternative design and avoided the incident in question, the manufacturer will be held responsible for any resulting injuries.

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Taking appropriate steps in the early stages of a claim can be critical to obtaining a fair resolution. If you were injured as the result of the negligence of a gun owner, gun manufacturer, or homeowner, you should obtain a consultation with a personal injury attorney who has experience pursuing this type of case.

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