Supervisor Negligence Accident Lawyers in Austin

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Construction site accidents result in 1,500 deaths every year. There is always a risk involved in construction work, which is why federal agencies established strict safety policies that site managers and supervisors must adhere to. Despite federal and state regulations, thousands of injuries occur on construction sites all over Texas because of supervisor negligence, making our state number three in the nation for nonfatal construction site accidents.

Supervisor negligence causes a variety of accidents on construction sites. Electrocutions, falls from equipment or scaffolding, transport vehicle accidents and other incidents are common when supervisors fail to ensure that their work site is safe. Many workers find it difficult to get support from their companies when supervisor negligence contributed to their injuries. Many never report their injuries to their supervisors or their companies out of fear they will be fired. Medical bills from construction site accidents accumulate quickly, and if an injured worker has to miss work because of his or her injury, it can mean financial disaster for the family.

It is the responsibility of site supervisors to ensure that their employees have a safe environment to work in. Improperly secured equipment, precarious scaffolding and other hazards must be addressed immediately according to OSHA codes.

Despite their responsibility to maintain safe work environments, construction site supervisors often try to cut corners when it comes to the safety of the employees under their supervision. Even worse, many companies attempt to discourage injured workers from making a claim against them or even trick workers into signing forms and incident reports that disavow the companies’ and supervisors’ responsibility in the accident.

If your employer suspects that you have strong proof of your case, they may try to offer you a settlement to prevent a lawsuit. Many injured workers are quick to accept settlements because they have medical bills and other expenses that they need to pay, and large settlements can typically ease the burden of such costs. However, most companies’ legal representatives make an initial offer that is much lower than what an injured worker could get from a court verdict in their favor. It is important to get legal advice before accepting a settlement. You may accept an amount that is much lower than what you are entitled to.

If you are injured at work and believe that your supervisor’s negligence contributed to the injury, it is important to contact an Austin personal injury attorney as soon as you are able to do so. An Austin construction site accident lawyer will represent you in all interactions with your employer’s legal team and will review any documentation or incident reports you are asked to sign. It is important to protect your right to be compensated for your injury that resulted from supervisor negligence. The experienced Austin personal injury attorneys at Zinda Law Group are prepared to evaluate your case. If you do not recover damages from your employer for your injuries, you do not pay. Call today for a consultation and pursue the compensation you deserve.