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Experienced Austin Car Accident Lawyers

If you were the victim of a car wreck caused by another driver, you may be entitled to compensation to help you recover from your injuries. An Austin car accident lawyer from our legal team is ready to provide you with a free case evaluation so you know what to expect with compensation, predicted length of time to reach a settlement, and other important concerns. Our auto accident lawyers have a high level of dedication to our clients and are standing by to help you.

When you choose Zinda Law Group of Austin to handle your car accident claim, you will deal directly with a lawyer, no matter the size of the case. Our car accident attorneys are committed to providing the level of service that our clients truly deserve and treat every case equally. The primary mission of our lawyers is to help people in Austin just like you. Call Zinda Law Group at 512-246-2224 today for a free consultation with an attorney. As one of our clients, you pay us nothing unless we win your car accident case. 

Causes of Car Accidents

Any time a driver is distracted or drives carelessly or recklessly, an accident can occur. Approximately 28% of motor vehicle traffic fatalities occur because a driver was intoxicated or driving under the influence (DUI). The majority of motor vehicle accidents happen when a driver fails to pay proper attention to the road, exceeds the speed limit, disobeys a traffic law, or is distracted by a passenger or a phone. Our Austin car accident lawyers can help you determine the cause of your accident and the legal options available to you.

The types of auto accident injury claims we can assist with include:

  • Multi-Vehicle Accidents
  • Rear-End Accidents
  • Head-On Accident
  • Driving While Texting
  • Drunk Driving
  • Uninsured Driving
  • Underinsured Motorists
  • Hit and Run Accidents

Our Austin Auto Accident Attorneys Can Help

Our experienced car accident lawyers will help determine if someone is liable for your injuries. If another driver was responsible for the accident, it is likely that they will owe you monetary damages. These can include compensatory or punitive damages. Compensatory damages attempt to put an injured person back in the position he or she was in before being injured. They include compensation for medical bills, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering. In some cases, punitive damages are also awarded. Punitive damages are given to the injured person in order to penalize wrongdoers and deter others from repeating an offense, such as drunk driving.

The injury lawyers at Zinda Law Group provide legal representation to people who suffered injuries due to auto accidents. Our Austin car accident attorneys know firsthand that the injuries from an auto accident can be severe and life-altering for both the victim and their family. Our vehicle injury lawyers are also very aware of how important it is that your immediate goals are met, such as getting medical bills paid, recovering lost wages, and getting your car repaired or replaced.

If you have been injured or a loved one has passed away due to a motor vehicle accident in Austin, call 512-246-2224 to set up a free consultation to discuss your legal options. You will have no attorney fees, court costs, or litigation expenses unless we win your case. Our Austin car accident lawyers look forward to helping you.



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