Legal Help for Victims of DWI in Austin

Accidents due to drunk driving occur at alarmingly high rates in Texas. Laws prohibiting driving while intoxicated are on the books and the police are cracking down on offenders, but the numbers of DWI offenses remain too high. The Texas Department of Transportation reports that there is an accident due to alcoholic impairment every 20 minutes on Texas roadways. Anyone who has been the unfortunate victim of a DWI accident in Austin must seek legal help to receive the compensation due to them.

The impaired driver will go before a criminal court to answer for his careless actions, but criminal courts do not provide compensation to victims. A personal injury suit may need to be filed in an Austin, Texas Civil Court in order to receive payment for damages due to injury. A competent lawyer should be retained to protect your interests.

Questions You May Have After You Have Been Injured in a DWI Accident

After an accident-related injury, you will be faced with hospital bills and potential time off work. You first concern will be to regain your health, but after that the looming cost of medical care can be overwhelming. If you are unable to go to work after the accident for an extended period of time, meeting the monthly bills may become an issue. Questions about compensation for medical costs and lost wages may be addressed in a civil law suit or can be resolved through an insurance settlement.

Should I Accept an Insurance Settlement or Pursue a Civil Case?

A victim of a drunk driving accident will be able to settle with the insurance company but they do have an edge in any litigation brought before an Austin Civil Court. Since DWI cases will be prosecuted in criminal court, a DWI conviction will support the victim's claim that he was not at fault for the accident and subsequent damages. Criminal cases can take a while to prosecute, so there may be a delay in any civil proceedings you choose to pursue.

A victim in a DWI accident may claim compensation in an insurance settlement. Those settlements cover:

  • the cost of medical care including hospital, testing, surgeries, and any medicine:
  • wages lost due to the accident;
  • repair of the vehicle or replacement of the vehicle if it has been totaled;
  • compensation for pain and suffering as a result of the accident; and
  • any other expenses that have been incurred, including property damage.

If injuries sustained in a DWI accident are permanent, the best choice is frequently a civil suit. Long-term care and years of medical intervention can be costly. A court settlement can be made to ensure that compensation is appropriate.

No one wants to be involved in any accident, but they do occur. Covering the costs of medical care and providing compensation for lost wages frequently requires the intervention of a knowledgeable Austin DWI Personal Injury attorney to help you evaluate your options.