Poor Truck Maintenance and Defective Equipment Cause Serious Accidents!

Every vehicle on the Texas roads must meet certain state and local requirements for safety. These laws were formed to protect all motorists. Traveling down the highway alongside a vehicle that has bad brakes or bald tires puts everyone at risk. This is even more critical for 18-wheelers though. The average auto weighs from 3,000 to 4,000 pounds but the average semi-truck can weigh 80,000 pounds with a fully loaded trailer.

Imagine the amount of damage a Texas truck this size could do to the other vehicles on the road if the brakes go out or a tire blows. Dozens of cars might be involved and there could well be multiple victims. No one wants to be driving along on their way to work and suddenly be confronted with 80,000 pounds of steel barreling towards them.

Worn Out Tires Cause Accidents

Texas trucking companies have an obligation to keep their trucks in good working condition. This includes good brakes and tires. Though occasionally truck wrecks do occur from faulty tire designs that can be traced back to the manufacturer, most often the tires are just worn out and should have been replaced long ago. It’s also important that big rig tires be inflated properly. Trucking companies have been known to mount mismatched tire sizes or mix radial and bias tries on the same axle. This has proven to be unsafe and cause accidents.

Bad Brakes are Dangerous!

Maintaining sound brakes on Semi Trucks is crucial for traffic safety. When the brakes on a Big Rig malfunction, a serious accident can result. Accidents like this almost always cause severe injuries or fatalities. It takes an 18-wheeler going 60 mph approximately 330 feet to come to a complete stop. This does not include reaction time. That’s over the length of a football field. If the brakes are not in perfect condition, then it can take even longer. It’s easy to see why accidents involving Big Rigs often cause so much damage that it makes the evening news.

On trucks built after 2011, the newest federal regulations require even shorter braking distances, but these regulations do not apply to older vehicles. One of the most important elements that often adds to the damage once a truck wreck occurs is a situation where an 18-wheeler was following too closely. Some truck drivers like to come up fast behind cars and follow closely in order to scare them into moving out of the lane. Texas truckers always seem to be on tight schedules and running behind.But this can result in a very serious accident involving multiple vehicles and severe injuries.

Have you Been Hurt?

If you’ve been involved in anTexas truck accident involving an 18-wheeler and you feel the driver was negligent or the truck was impaired due to poor maintenance or other issues like this, then it’s best to contact a qualified personal injury lawyer.

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