Truck Company Insurance Tricks

      Trucking companies are experienced with litigation. Many of them will have been involved in numerous lawsuits over the accidents that their trucks have been involved in over the years.

      There are a number of “tricks” frequently used by the trucking companies and their insurance companies that are designed to hurt your case and prevent you from getting a full and fair recovery.

Insurance Adjusters

      Very shortly after the crash you will likely start receiving calls form the insurance adjusters and sometimes even calls or visits from trucking company employees who act like they are trying to help you. They are not. Their main goal is to try to minimize your recovery. 

Recorded Statements

      Adjusters will ask you for a recorded statement. Do not agree. They want to talk to you before you have a lawyer, and are only interested in the things you say that may help their position.  The adjusters are trained to ask you questions in a way that leads to statements that will hurt your case. You are not legally required to give a recorded statement so do not do it.

Quick, Low-ball Offer

      Another tactic used by the insurance companies is to take advantage of your vulnerability early after the crash. The insurance company knows you are in pain, missing work, and worried about how to pay for all the bills now and in the future.

      They give you a low-ball offer trying to take advantage of you. Insurance companies almost never offer fair compensation when a lawyer is not involved and it often takes filing a lawsuit to accomplish that.

Destroyed or Altered Evidence

      Companies frequently destroy or alter evidence. Particularly with the relaxed position the Texas Supreme Court has taken on preservation of evidence. Companies alter logs, “lose” documents, and destroy drug test results frequently in order to hide bad evidence. The most effective way to prevent this is involving a lawyer as soon as possible.

      Speaking of drug tests, we often find that trucking companies frequently tell their drivers not to get the legally-required post-accident drug and alcohol test. They do this because the fines associated with not getting the test are less than the verdict we can get if the driver is under the influence.


      The most common trick, used in every case, is delay. Trucking companies and their insurance company will come up with excuse after excuse to delay resolving your case. They will ask you for one document, and then another, and then another, and so on.

      Hiring an experienced trucking litigation attorney is the best and most effective way to ensure your case is resolved in a more efficient and expedient manner.