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Wrongful Death: Truck Accident Claims

      Truck accidents are far more likely to result in fatalities than accidents involving two or more passenger vehicles.  In fact, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that large commercial trucks have a higher fatality rate per mile than any other type of motor vehicle. 

      Truck accidents are not only the most deadly of accidents, but they also commonly result in complex legal cases.  The victims of deceased truck accident victims will require experienced legal counsel well versed in this unique field of the law so as to fully protect their legal rights.

Fatal Truck Accidents and Wrongful Death Lawsuits

      Truck drivers have a legal duty to operate their trucks in a safe manner.  Additionally, truck drivers and the companies they work for, as well as manufacturers of commercial trucks and their parts, must all comply with a wide variety of state and federal regulations.  If the trucking company, driver, or manufacturer fails to abide by these regulations and death results, these parties can be held liable in a wrongful death lawsuit. 

      Wrongful death lawsuits are civil claims brought by the family members of the deceased victim who was killed due to negligence.  In Texas, the spouse, children, and parents of the deceased victim are all eligible to bring a wrongful death action within two years from the death of their family member. 

      Wrongful death actions will involve complex issues of liability and damages.  Wrongful death plaintiffs must prove that the defendant or defendants are liable to the survivors as a result of negligence or other wrongdoing.  Negligence is commonly based on drug or alcohol use, fatigue, exceeding hours of service requirements, speeding, driving distracted, or failing to obey traffic safety rules. 

      Once liability has been assessed, the complex issue of damages arises.  Wrongful death cases are notoriously difficult to calculate damages as so much is speculative and based on non-economic issues.  Wrongful death damages will include:

  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Medical expenses incurred by the victim prior to death
  • Lost future income
  • Pain and suffering
    • Of the victim prior to death
    • By the survivors

      Pain and suffering will focus on the mental and emotional suffering of survivors.  Courts may also award damages for loss of support, including household support, loss of love, companionship, guidance, and much more. 

      In select cases, punitive damages may additionally be awarded.  These damages are not intended to compensate the victim; rather, they are awarded in order to punish the truck driver or trucking company and prevent future misconduct.  Attorney’s fees and interest may also be awarded dependent upon the facts of the case and the extent of negligence or recklessness asserted on the part of the truck driver or trucking company. 

      Your truck accident attorney will prove vital in gathering evidence in support of your claim and vigorously fighting for your full recovery.  Act quickly following a truck accident to safeguard your legal rights.   

Zinda Law Group:  Exceptional Texas Wrongful Death Attorneys

      The sheer size and weight of commercial trucks makes any accident between a car and a truck potentially fatal.  The Wrongful Death Attorneys at Zinda Law Group have assisted countless family members of those killed in truck accidents across the state. 

      Our award winning attorney team aggressively represents the interests of the survivors of deceased truck accident victims.  Our attorneys will zealously fight for your full wrongful death award, including lost income and savings, emotional pain and suffering, psychological counseling, and loss of companionship. 

      Call Zinda Law Group toll free at 800-863-5312 to schedule your free consultation with one of our skilled wrongful death attorneys.