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A car accident can be a terrifying and even life-threatening experience. It can cause physical, emotional, and financial burdens that are hard to bear, as well as leave you with uncertainty and many serious questions. Even if it wasn’t your fault, you can potentially be stuck with injuries and their lingering effects for years.  In addition, the post-accident process of dealing with insurance companies can be very complicated and confusing.  

At Zinda Law Group, we have helped thousands of car accident victims get back on their feet after a wreck. Our legal team will fight tirelessly to help you pursue the maximum compensation you deserve, and you will be able to focus on your recovery while we handle all the legal aspects of your claim.

We strive to provide clients in Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Boulder, and the entire state of Colorado the answers and legal representation they deserve after an accident.

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Colorado Auto Accident Statistics

With a combination of congested urban areas and snowy mountain passes, there are plenty of perils on the road for Colorado drivers.  These dangers, along with others, like distracted driving or driving under the influence, can lead to accidents causing serious injuries, or even death.  A few statistics about car accidents in Colorado include:

  • According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, there have been 469 fatalities caused by auto accidents in Colorado in 2019.
  • Fatalities occur at the highest rate amongst drivers over the age of 65—181 of the 469 total fatalities in 2019 have fallen into this category.
  • Some of the most dangerous roads in Colorado are treacherous mountain passes like Red Mountain Pass, Coal Bank Pass, and Wolf Creek Pass.

Making a Car Accident Claim

Trying to find where to begin after a car accident can seem daunting.  However, though every accident is unique, they can generally be broken down into the same few steps.

  1. Contact an Attorney: An experienced auto accident lawyer may be able to guide you through the rest of the steps in an efficient and effective way. 
  2. Information Gathering: After hiring an attorney, they may be able to start gathering the information that your case requires. This can include things like photos or video footage that may be available, medical records, and police reports.
  3. Negotiate a Settlement: Once your attorney has gotten a hold of the relevant information and familiarized themselves with it, they may be able to enter into negotiations with the other party or parties involved. A Colorado car accident lawyer who has handled similar cases before may be able to use this experience to negotiate a favorable amount for your injuries.
  4. Go to Trial: The vast majority of cases will settle before they get anywhere near a courtroom. However, if an agreement can’t be reached, then going to trial may be a necessary step.  Your attorney may be able to assist you by developing an effective trial strategy and framing your argument for maximum compensation in a way that emphasizes the strong points of your case while deflecting attention away from the weaker points.

Who is at Fault?

In some cases, it may be clear-cut and obvious who caused an accident.  However, oftentimes, car accidents are chaotic scenes that leave multiple parties pointing fingers at each other.  Determining fault is an important part of the legal process.  When discussing this topic, it is important to note that fault can be divided up amongst multiple parties, with a certain percentage being assigned to each.  Some of the parties that can be assigned fault in an accident include:

  • The Drivers: In the vast majority of auto accidents, there will likely be fault assigned to one or more of the drivers. There are many ways in which a driver can be at least partially at fault for an accident.  For one, they simply may not have followed the rules of the road.  A driver who rolls a stop sign and collides with another vehicle will likely share in at least some of the fault.  A driver can also violate the rules of the road by driving when they are not fit to drive, such as driving under the influence. A driver who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of an accident will likely share in the fault.
  • The City: In certain cases, the city or township that is responsible for maintaining the area where the accident occurred may be at least partly responsible for an accident. For example, if a stoplight has been broken for an extended period of time and the city has not taken measures to fix it, they may be responsible if two cars collide in the intersection as a result.
  • The Bar: Some states have what is known as a “dram shop law,” which means that a bar or other establishment that continued to serve alcohol to a person who was visibly intoxicated may be held liable for injuries that they end up causing after leaving their premises. Colorado does have a dram shop law, although these cases are a bit more difficult to prove.

Common Injuries

Auto accident can range from minor fender-benders to high-speed collisions, and because of this, the range of injuries that result from car accidents can also range from minor to major. A few of the more commonly suffered types of injuries include:

Head Injuries

Head injuries can range from minor concussions all the way up to major internal brain and skull damage. If you think that you may have suffered a head injury, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible.  For one, symptoms of head injuries don’t always immediately present themselves, so erring on the safe side is advisable.  Also, head injuries that are left untreated can lead to major complications down the road.

Cuts and Bruises

When you are in an accident, the items inside your car can become projectiles in an instant. Things like cell phones, kids’ toys, or house keys can fly around and cause serious injuries.  In addition, accidents that occur at higher speeds often result in broken glass from windshields in windows that can cause deep lacerations in the skin requiring stitches or more serious medical attention to completely address.

Broken Bones

The force generated by auto collisions is enough to cause serious bone breaks. Broken bones can require surgeries and rehab to completely address, and even with these measures, can leave victims with permanent disabilities.

What Our Car Accident Lawyers May Do For You

Build the Strongest Case Possible

Our Colorado car accident lawyers will be here to help walk you through every step of the process. Our first priority is ensuring you have the proper medical treatment after a wreck. Our attorneys can help you find a qualified medical provider to treat your injuries. As you are receiving the appropriate medical care, our attorneys will be conducting their investigation into your accident.

Our car accident lawyers will gather the facts and begin building your case. We will interview witnesses, collect crash reports, and do whatever is necessary to help ensure the responsible party is held accountable for your injuries. Having proof of the other driver's negligence is crucial in achieving a favorable outcome for your case.

Negotiate with the Insurance Company

We will also be your intermediary to the insurance companies and the driver responsible for your accident.

One of the biggest mistakes a car accident victim can make following an accident is speaking to the insurance adjusters before hiring an attorney. Insurers can use what you say against you or try to pressure you into accepting a low settlement offer. We have years of experience handling insurance companies and will stand up to them to fight for what you deserve.

File a Lawsuit

Our auto accident attorneys will also file a claim and all paperwork on your behalf. If we are unable to attain a fair and favorable outcome for you in negotiations, we will litigate on your behalf in court. Our attorneys are willing to go to trial and do whatever it takes to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

We can help you determine the damages you are entitled to and pursue them aggressively. The amount of compensation you are eligible for will be affected by factors such as the extent of your injuries, the amount of your medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and damage to your vehicle, among other things. We want all our clients to receive the full and fair compensation they may be entitled to.

Get Help from Our Colorado Car Accident Attorneys

At Zinda Law Group, we take on our clients’ problems as if they were our own. You can rest assured knowing you have an attorney advocating on your behalf and turn your focus toward healing.

Our experienced lawyers know car accident law and have been featured by Forbes, The Huffington Post, Super Lawyers, and more. Our firm also operates on a contingency fee basis, which means you pay nothing until we win a favorable settlement, judgment, or verdict for your case.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a Lawyer Charge After a Car Accident?

Zinda Law Group works on what is called a “contingency basis,” which means that we don’t charge you anything unless we win your case.

How Much Do You Get for Pain and Suffering After a Car Accident?

It is difficult to give an accurate estimate for pain and suffering damages, because each case is unique and requires its own evaluation.

What is the Average Settlement for a Car Accident?

Because each case is different, it is difficult to try to give an average. Talk to Zinda Law Group for a free consultation.