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If you’re going out for a night on the town, a party bus sounds like a great way to keep the party going safely while you’re on the move. While party bus riders expect to return home safe and sound after a fun night, drivers and bus companies do not always take precautions to protect their customers.

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What is a Party Bus?

Party buses allow people to have a good time without driving drunk, but injuries still happen. These buses can be described as clubs on wheels. Party buses can include loud music, on board bars, and stripper poles. As you can imagine, drinking, dancing, and no seatbelts don’t make for the safest environment while driving down the road.

What Duties Do Buses Owe to Riders?

Riders are owed several duties under common law. The bus must take reasonable measures to make sure the bus is safe for passengers. Passengers can fall over, especially while the bus is in motion. If the bus has exposed sharp edges, broken seats or handles, or if a rider could fall out of the bus while leaning against a door or window, the bus could be held liable for failing to provide reasonable protections for its riders.

A party bus also has a responsibility of maintaining order on a bus. A driver or the bus company could be held liable if you were harassed or injured on the bus as a result of the driver failing to maintain order.

A party bus also must take special precautions if it is serving or selling alcohol. Even if the alcohol is being given away for free, the bus can be held liable for injuries that occur because of intoxication. The party bus also has a duty to ensure underage people are not drinking. Children cannot be served, but bus drivers also cannot drive children to bars or parties.

Who is a fault for a Party Bus Accident?

There are three parties that could be at fault in a party bus accident. If the bus is not properly maintained or is an unsafe environment, the company can be held liable. Additionally, the company could be held liable if the company hires drivers as employees. The bus company may hire employees to drive without properly screening them or training them.

However, a bus company may instead hire drivers as independent contractors to limit the company’s liability. In this situation, the company may have an insurance policy that covers its drivers, or the driver may have its own insurance. A driver may also not be employed by a company at all, and may instead rent or own the bus themselves. Because it can be complicated to determine who can be held liable, speaking with an experienced attorney can be beneficial.

It is also possible the person who is really at fault for the accident is another driver on the road. In this event, the other driver’s insurance should be responsible for compensating you for your damages.

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