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Last updated on: March 4, 2015

Texas law provides several methods of holding someone legally responsible for a dog bite or animal attack. Since every case is different, it’s important to seek the advice of a qualified Texas personal injury lawyer.  Animal attack victims have rights. In most cases, they also have medical bills and lost wages among other expenses relating to the attack. Normally, it’s necessary to get help from an attorney in order to recoup these losses.

Negligent Handling of Animals

In many cases, the dog bite or animal attack occurred because of someone’s negligence. Texas Dog Bite Injury Law is complex.In order to prove “Negligence”, it is necessary for the injured person to prove four things or elements.

Element One: Ownership

The first thing that must be done is to prove the person owned or had possession of the animal. Though this is normally not difficult to do, it is nonetheless important to your case to find out exactly who owned the animal and who had possession of it at the time of the accident.

Element Two: Reasonable Care

The next step is to establish that the person with possession of the animal had a duty to exercise reasonable caution to prevent the animal from hurting someone.

Element Three: Breach of Duty

Your lawyer must prove that the person breached his or her duty. If your neighbor takes his dog out for a walk without using an adequate dog leash and collar, and the dog breaks away and attacks you, then your lawyer may assert that the neighbor did not do everything possible to maintain control of the animal.

Element Four: You Sustained an Injury

The last thing your Texas personal injury lawyer will prove is that you were injured as a result of the breach of the duty and that you have sustained losses. These can include medical bills, lost wages, and future medical needs, such as surgery. There are a number of other expenses your attorney may be able to obtain during the lawsuit.

Hire an Experienced Attorney

The team at Zinda Law Group PLLC will go to work right away on your case carefully examining all evidence. It may be necessary to interview witnesses and gather facts. There are so many important details to nail down in order to put together a strong case and the better your case, the more likely that your attorneys will be able to settle out of court and get you the money you deserve for your pain, suffering and expenses.

It takes a team of skilled Texas personal injury lawyers to win and Zinda Law Group has the experience and resources to prove your case. If you or someone you love has been injured or killed due to an animal attack or a dog bite, call the law offices of Zinda Law Group today.We offer free case evaluations and one of our animal attack lawyers will be glad to speak to you and advise you of your rights.