Premises Liability Lawyers in Houston

Houston premises liability law provides protection for those who are visiting or conducting business on someone else’s property. If you are down at the mall shopping and you trip over a broken pipe sticking up out of the floor, then you can hold the mall or property owner responsible for your injuries.

Often people slip or trip and fall at a restaurant where they may be having dinner with friends and family. The restaurant owner has a legal responsibility to maintain their restaurant in such a way that no one is injured while on the premises. Anytime someone is injured as a result of some type of defect on another person’s property, then you may have a legal cause of action.

A Houston property owner has a legal duty to provide a safe place for visitors and to refrain from willfully harming anyone, even a trespasser. Even though slip and fall accidents are common, you can still receive considerable injuries if your feet fly out from under you and you fall on a hard surface. Injuries may range from a broken back, concussion, and many others.

Houston Slip and Fall Accidents

A store or business owner has a duty to warn you if they know that an area is hazardous or could injure someone. Premises liability can include falling debris, unexpected pits or holes, defective stairs, torn carpet, open swimming pools or anything that might include the property's condition.

The law may also hold a property owner responsible for injury and death in uncommon situations such as a public shooting. A property owner can be held accountable for the criminal actions of a third party.

If you’ve been involved in any type of accident that occurred on someone else’s property, then you may have a Houston premises liability claim. In recent years, slip and fall accidents have become more common and juries often favor the property owner. You will be required to bring strong evidence of your injuries.

Proving Your Case

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