Wrongful Death Lawyers in Lewisville, Texas

Last updated on: May 20, 2013

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Wrongful death cases involve a situation where someone’s negligence causes the death of another person. The most common cause is an automobile accident. Today, even in lovely cities like Lewisville, Texas fatal accidents do occur. Many times investigators will find that a driver was preoccupied with something besides their driving, and this was the cause of the accident.

Automobile Accidents

We all do this. We reach over to adjust the radio or the GPS and take our eyes off the road for a few moments. In most cases, when we look back up again the road is still clear in front of us and our day continues on as usual. In some cases though, drivers take their eyes off the road too long. You may think that it will only take a moment to text your friend about the evening’s plans, but your car can travel hundreds of feet while you’re looking down at the phone. An automobile can quickly become a dangerous weapon and the average car weighs almost 4000 pounds.

Workplace Accidents

There are many other ways that wrongful deaths occur. Workplace injuries are on the rise in spite of OSHA regulations. Some professions are more dangerous than others such as construction, roofing, manufacturing, and chemical plants. These types of jobs often have large machinery and dangerous equipment nearby to workers.

In fact, almost 3,000,000 accidents take place on the job each year and over 5,000 workers are fatally injured. Texas leads the nation in workplace accidents. There are literally hundreds of construction jobs going on around the Metroplex at any given time. Lewisville consistently has its share of construction work. New apartment complexes and hospitals go up seemingly every day in this area.

Household Accidents

Household accidents are another area where serious injuries and fatalities occur each year in Lewisville. Many of these accidents occur with victims who are under the age of five years. House fires are a common cause of death, along with dangerous chemicals left unguarded. Swimming pools that do not have the proper fencing around them can attract small children and this is a very sad way to lose a child.

Get Qualified Legal Help

Regardless of the type of accident, if you’ve lost a loved one and you believe the accident was caused by someone’s negligence then you can take legal action right away. Even though wrongful death is a sad fact of life, there are laws in place to help you get the financial compensation you deserve.

Zinda Law Group PLLC represents victims and their families in Lewisville, Texas in wrongful death cases each year. We understand the pain and anguish you may be going through but we urge you to call and make an appointment to speak with someone about your case. The sooner you take action, the sooner we can begin a thorough investigation. You and your family may be able to recuperate expenses like pain and suffering, medical bills, funeral bills, and lost wages. There are many other expenses that may be allowed by law, so please call to schedule your free consultation and speak to one of our compassionate Texas lawyers.

At Zinda Law Group you’ll find professional, concerned Lewisville personal injury attorneys with a full understanding of the wrongful death laws in Texas. You can count on getting highly skilled legal representation from a team that cares.