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Victims of burn injuries know how painful, traumatizing, and expensive these injuries can be.  Burn injuries may be so severe that they can affect the victim’s daily life, and they may result in the permanent disfigurement of the victim.

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Burn injuries are one of the leading causes of unintentional death and injury in the United States. According to the American Burn Association, there were 3,390 civilian deaths in 2016 alone that were caused by fires. Between 2011 and 2015, there were approximately 486,000 fire or burn injury victims seen in emergency departments. There are many causes of burn injuries, some of which may be the result of another person’s negligence or intentional actions. Examples of some causes of burn injuries are:

1. Negligence

If your burn injuries were caused by the negligence of another person, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.  Negligence may occur in many different ways.  For example, a property owner may have failed to remedy a foreseeable hazard, or someone may have intentionally created a dangerous situation that led to a fire.

If you believe your burn injuries were the result of another person’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation.  The at-fault party may be liable for your losses, including medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

2. Electrical Accidents at Work

If you suffered burn injuries while at work, you may be able to recover some of your losses through workers’ compensation.  Depending on your state, you may be able to sue your employer if your injuries were caused by their negligence.  However, in many states where workers’ compensation is mandatory, filing a workers’ comp claim may be your only avenue of relief.

Occupations that routinely involve electrical work contain the most obvious population of employees at risk of electrical injury.  However, any workplace environment that utilizes electrical equipment or is conducted near electrical installations may involve exposure to hazardous energy.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, by occupation, workers in construction and extraction occupations accounted for the largest number of deaths from electrical accidents, at 47% of the total number of electricity-related deaths.  Installation, maintenance, and repair occupations accounted for the second-highest number of deaths, at 22%.

If you sustained burns resulting from a workplace injury, contact a Zinda Law Group attorney today to discuss your case and help to determine who may be liable for your injuries.

3. Car Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are another common cause of burn injuries.  If you are in a car accident, you may sustain burns from the car’s fuel igniting and the vehicle catching fire. Further, if you are riding a motorcycle, you may have sustained burns from painful road rash.

No matter what caused your burn injuries, it is important to contact a personal injury lawyer to get you the burn injury compensation you deserve.  A Zinda Law Group attorney may help investigate your case and determine who is at fault.

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The injuries resulting from burns may range from minor to life-threatening.  Some burns are easily treated at home, while others may cause long-lasting damage and require intensive medical care.

Burns are typically grouped into three different categories.  These categories differ based on how deeply your skin has been burned or harmed.  The higher the degree, the more severe the burn is.  The three different degrees of burns are described below:

1. First-Degree

First-degree burns only affect the outer layer of skin.  The skin may turn red or may be painful, but blisters will not form.  Long-term damage is rare with these kinds of burns, but there may be an increase or decrease in the skin color.  An example of a first-degree burn may be a mild sunburn.  These burns are referred to as “superficial” burns.

2. Second-Degree

Second-degree burns damage both the outer layer of skin, as well as the dermis (the layer of skin underneath).  The skin will be a bright red, swollen, and may look shiny or wet.  Further, blisters will form, and the skin will be hot to the touch.  There are two different kinds of second-degree burns:

  • If you have a “superficial” second-degree burn, only part of the dermis is damaged. Permanent scarring is not probable.
  • If you have a “deep partial thickness” second-degree burn, you have a higher chance of developing a long-lasting scar. Further, the color of your skin may change permanently.

3. Third-degree

Third-degree burns are sometimes referred to as “full thickness” burns. These injuries destroy both the top layer of skin, as well as the dermis, or underneath layer. These burns will damage your nerve endings. Third-degree burns may appear black, brown, yellow, or white.

If you have suffered from a burn injury, you should always seek medical attention from a qualified medical professional. Zinda Law Group attorneys are available to help with your burn injury lawsuit settlement and to answer any questions you may have. You may be able to seek compensation for both your medical bills, as well as any psychological damage.



The degree of burn you received may impact the amount of compensation you can seek in your personal injury case.  If your burn is very minor and only slightly harmed the first layer of skin, you may not be eligible to receive compensation, as you most likely were able to treat the burn at home and at no out-of-pocket cost to you.  On the other hand, if you sustained a more serious burn, you may be facing hospital bills, surgical costs, pharmaceutical costs, rehabilitation, and more.

More serious burns, such as third-degree burns, are extremely painful and may have a long recovery time.  If you have suffered from a third-degree burn, you may be entitled to more compensation than you would if you suffered a first-degree burn.  A Zinda Law Group attorney may evaluate your case and help you determine whether or not you are eligible for compensation.

Always seek immediate medical attention for your burn injuries.  A medical professional can tell you what degree of burn you sustained.  This information may be important in filing your burn injury lawsuit.


The amount of compensation you may receive depends on many different factors. For instance, the severity and placement of the burn usually determine the amount of actual damages you have incurred. The higher your actual damages, including medical bills, pharmaceutical bills, and rehabilitation costs, the more compensation you may be entitled to. Further, you may be entitled to compensation resulting from psychological damage and emotional pain.

No personal injury lawyer can guarantee the exact amount of compensation you will receive from a burn injury. Each case is different and requires a different amount of work. At Zinda Law Group, we may evaluate your situation and determine what legal recourse may be available to help you receive the maximum amount of compensation available.

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The “statute of limitations” is the time limit you have to file a case. These time limits vary from case to case and state to state. The statute of limitations is very important to know in any case, as you could be barred from filing a claim and receiving compensation if you do not file in time. A Zinda Law Group attorney can make sure your burn injury case is filed in time.

The statute of limitations for a personal injury claim is generally two or three years, but you should consult with an attorney in your area to be sure you file your claim on time.

These time limits start from the date of the incident.  For example, if you are in a state with a two-year statute of limitations and sustained a burn injury on December 10, 2020, you have exactly two years from that date to file a claim.  If you fail to file a claim by December 10, 2022, your case may be permanently barred.


Zinda Law Group attorneys have helped many injured victims seek the compensation they deserve.  We provide quality legal representation and have the experience necessary to negotiate with insurance companies and fight for you in court.  Zinda Law Group attorneys may consult with you on your case, file your burn injury lawsuit, guide you through the legal process, and help seek the maximum amount of compensation available in your case.

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