Wrongful Death Lawyers in Richardson, Texas

Last updated on: May 15, 2013

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There is nothing as tragic as the experience of losing a loved one. Losing a loved one can feel extremely painful, and it can leave a person with many new problems and concerns such as wondering how he or she will be able to pay for the expenses that are left behind. Instead of stressing out about how you will make ends meet, a wrongful death lawyer can provide support for you throughout your case. Whether your child or significant other has died, you can file a wrongful death action in Texas to help you move forward in your life. A Richardson personal injury lawyer will help you to keep moving forward and pay off medical bills, funeral expenses and other expenses that have resulted from the death of a loved one.

Texas has two statutes that allow loved ones to file wrongful death actions. Under the Texas Survival Statute, loved ones may file a lawsuit as a personal injury action. An heir, estate representative or other legal representative has the legal right to file a lawsuit under this statute. The statute essentially allows for a claim to “live” past the lifetime of the deceased loved one, this enables individuals to collect damages in the form of funeral expenses, lost wages, and medical bills.

The Wrongful Death Act is another statute that allows surviving individuals to file a wrongful death claim on behalf of a deceased loved one. Under this statute, there are numerous individuals who are eligible to file a lawsuit. These individuals include children, a surviving spouse or parents. Because wrongful death cases can quickly become complex, it is in your best interest to get a Richardson personal injury lawyer involved as soon as possible. You only have two years from the time in which an individual died to file a wrongful death claim.

A Richardson personal injury lawyer can help you determine the total number of cases to file in your case. It may be appropriate to file more than one lawsuit on behalf of a beneficiary. You may be able to collect multiple forms of damages by filing two lawsuits in a case.

While the typical wrongful death action has a statute of limitations that lasts for two years, there are exceptional circumstances in which the claim may be prolonged. If an individual’s death was caused by a defective product, then you will have an additional two years in which to pursue a wrongful death claim. For a claim that involves a minor child, the time period is extended until the day in which the child becomes an adult.

Wrongful death cases involve a complex set of variables, and it is important to hire a lawyer who can handle every variable associated with wrongful death cases. Following the correct procedure, crafting excellent legal arguments and calculating damages are all required parts of filing a wrongful death action.

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