Dangerous Road Condition Motorcycle Accident

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Motorcycles are fun and exciting. They also give the driver little room for mistakes on the road. Because they are smaller, less visible and provide the driver with practically no protection during an accident, some people consider motorcycles to be inherently dangerous. This doesn’t mean that motorcyclists should be held liable for every accident they are involved in. In fact, many safe and responsible motorcycle drivers are involved in accidents outside of their control. If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries.

Hazardous Conditions

Sometimes, accidents are unavoidable; sometimes they are the result of negligence. Whether it is the negligence of another motorist or the negligence of the city or county to keep the roadways safe, many motorcycle accidents are somebody’s fault. For instance, roadside clear zones may cause serious accidents. A roadside clear zone is the space past the travel lane that should be free of fixed objects. A fixed object might be a tree, a sign, an uncovered weather drain or a utility pole. With objects in the clear zone, motorcyclists may not have the freedom to move around their lane that they need to, creating a dangerous driving environment.


Wheel ruts are another hazard. After many years of use, roads may develop wheel ruts, potholes, and other inconsistencies. These flaws are not necessarily dangerous if you’re driving a car. However, a motorcycle relies on balance and precision. If roads are not properly taken care of, motorcycles could crash. For example, large potholes could easily throw a cyclist off-balance and cause the driver to lose control of his/her vehicle. In order to make sure that all drivers on the road are safe, dangerous roads should be resurfaced to make sure that potholes and other damage don’t pose a threat to motorcyclists.

Poor Signage

Sometimes, roadways fail to offer motorists proper guidance. What does this mean? If the road is particularly steep or curved, signs should be posted to warn drivers about the potential dangers. Additionally, roads should be lined with reflective and visible lines. Without these lines, a driver could easily veer into the wrong lane and cause an accident. Similarly, signs should be reflective so that they can be seen properly at night. Without reflective capabilities, drivers may not be able to see important signs, such as stop signs and yield signs, before it’s too late.

“Slippery when wet” signs are one of the most important warning signs. Although cars can hydroplane, motorcycles are in greater danger or causing a wreck when they hydroplane. Because of this, slippery roads should notify drivers or this potential hazard. Because motorcycles rely completely on balance and coordination, a motorcycle could easily crash on a slippery road. Finally, dangerous intersections may cause deadly motorcycle accidents. If an intersection is designed poorly, drivers may not be able to see properly. Because motorcycles are small, they are more likely to be hit by cars in dangerous intersections.

If You’ve Been Hurt, We Can Help

Was your accident the result of dangerous road conditions? If you were in a motorcycle accident because a road was improperly marked or poorly maintained, you may be entitled to financial compensation. If you were hurt, you may wonder how to pay for medical expenses or make up for missed wages. If your accident was the result of dangerous road conditions, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Damages collected for your accident may be used to pay off medical bills and compensate for missed wages. To see what a Personal Injury lawyer from Zinda Law Group can do for you, contact us today and schedule a free case evaluation.