Does It Affect My Case If I Don’t Have Health Insurance?

Last updated on: July 12, 2013

How Does It Affect My Personal Injury Case If I Don’t Have Health Insurance?

Following a personal injury, many people are unsure of how to get the medical treatment they need or how to go about paying for it. Typical questions you may have are, “What if I can’t afford to see the doctor because I don’t have health insurance?” “Should I send my medical bills to the car insurance company of the driver who hit me?” “Does it hurt my case that I don’t have health insurance?”

Not having health insurance affects your case in a number of ways. First, the amount a hospital charges a person without health insurance is going to be much larger than the amount that a person charges someone with health insurance. This is important because, often, your medical bills will provide a baseline for how much your personal injury case is worth. A person without health insurance will often have larger medical bills and therefore a larger personal injury case than a person with health insurance.

The problem comes because it often proves difficult or even impossible for a person without health insurance to get the medical treatment they need, because it is so cost-prohibitive. If that prevents you from seeking the medical treatment you need for more than a couple of weeks, insurance adjusters will argue that you must not have needed the treatment or else you would have found some way to see a doctor.

Fortunately, there are options. Smart personal injury lawyers work with third-party funding services that are willing to front the cost of your medical bills while you are waiting for a claim or case to settle. This is a great option for many victims of personal injury who would not otherwise be able to afford treatment, and is especially important, because car insurance companies will never pay for your medical bills as they accrue. Consequently, the bills will remain unpaid until the end of the law suit.

If you have questions about funding medical treatment following an injury caused by another’s negligence, call our office to speak with a Personal Injury Attorney.