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Due to the large size and weight of an 18-wheeler, a truck accident will often leave victims with very serious and debilitating injuries. In addition to physical pain, truck injury victims are often left with overwhelming financial burdens, including medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and more.

At Zinda Law Group, our 18-wheeler accident lawyers have the knowledge and resources necessary to help you build the strongest case possible and pursue maximum compensation for all the ways your injuries have cost you. And as one of our clients, you will pay nothing unless we win your case. That’s our No Fee Guarantee.

If you were injured by an 18-wheeler, the Colorado Springs truck accident attorneys at Zinda Law Group are here to help get the compensation you deserve. We can help you understand if you have a case and what it may be worth. Call 800-863-5312 to get a free consultation with a trucking accident lawyer today.


What to do after a truck accident?

After an accident with a semi-truck, it is important that you take the following steps to secure your health and also to ensure that you do not affect your ability to seek compensation:

1. Seek Medical Attention

Truck accidents can be especially dangerous. Immediately after a truck accident, it is important to treat any injuries you have sustained. Even if you do not have any apparent injuries immediately after an accident, it may still be necessary to see a doctor. Often, adrenaline may prevent you from actually experiencing any symptoms from a severe injury. It is important to make sure that you are examined by a medical professional to prevent the possibility of an injury worsening.

2. Report the Accident

Colorado law requires anyone involved in an accident to report the accident to local police. This law helps keep everyone safe, especially if another driver is aggressive after the accident. It also may you prove who was responsible for the truck accident, as the police officer who responds to the scene will likely ask for a detailed account of the incidents leading up to the accident.

3. Document the Accident

Even though the police report will likely contain your account of the crash, it also may be helpful to document the truck accident for yourself. Your memory of the accident may fade or feel less reliable the longer you wait to put your own account of events in writing. When documenting the accident, be sure to exchange information with the other people involved in the accident, as it is also required by Colorado law.

4. Contact a Truck Accident Attorney

A truck accident attorney may be able to help you seek compensation for the damages you or a loved one sustained in an accident. Seeking compensation for a truck accident may be a drawn out process, and may involve both the truck driver, their employer, and their insurance company. An experienced truck accident attorney may be able to help you navigate this process and be on your side during any negotiations that occur.

Reasons for Truck Accidents

Though semi-truck drivers are often trained to avoid hazardous and dangerous situations, they are often on the road for long periods of time and can become very fatigued. Truck drivers can also cause an accident when they drive under the influence, drive distracted, speed, disregard regulations, or do not properly maintain their truck.

Additionally, truck drivers are influenced by the same issues that everyone else is. Problems with bills, families, illness or other societal issues may cause a truck driver to be less focused or to not pay attention to the road. If your 18-wheeler accident was caused by the truck driver or trucking company’s negligence, you could be entitled to financial compensation.

Some common truck wreck claims have been:

  • Rear-end accidents caused by a truck driver failing to brake early enough.
  • Jack-knifing may also occur when a truck driver brakes too quickly. This causes the body of the truck to become impossible to control, and potentially affecting several lanes of traffic.
  • Blind Spot accidents caused by a driver failing to adequately ensure a safe distance from cars when changing lanes.

Compensation for Damages

Our experienced Colorado Springs truck accident attorneys always go the extra mile to help our clients seek the fair settlement that they deserve.

A settlement can compensate you for a number of damages, including:

  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Future medical expenses
  • Mental anguish
  • Physical disfigurement

Compensation is calculated by combining your economic damages and your non-economic damages. Your ‘damages’ are the losses that you have incurred because of the accident.

Economic Damages

Your economic damages are all financial in nature. For instance, your medical bills, your auto repair bills, and any wages you lost from missing work are all examples of economic damages.

Non-Economic Damages

Your noneconomic damages, on the other hand, involve the pain and suffering that the driver’s negligence caused you. Pain and suffering is sometimes determined by the severity of your injuries and how much pain you have had to endure. This also sometimes involves a loss of enjoyment of life following an accident.

Both economic and noneconomic damages take into account the lasting impact your injuries may have. For instance, if you will have to have regular checkups with a specialist regarding your injuries, this may be taken into account when determining your economic damages. If you were especially young when your accident occurred, your noneconomic damages may factor that in, as you will potentially have to endure pain and suffering for many decades.

How Do I File A Lawsuit

Filing a truck accident requires multiple steps.

1. Speak with an attorney

First, you may want to speak with a truck accident attorney. An attorney may be able to help you focus on your recovery while they work on filing the lawsuit for you. With Zinda Law Group, consultations with a truck accident attorney are 100% FREE free, meaning that you don’t have to worry about legal fees to understand your legal position.

2. Investigations

Your attorney will then proceed to investigate your accident. In doing so, they may gather witness accounts, photos of the accidents and your injuries, any medical and other expenses incurred, and medical and police reports. Depending on the nature of your accident, it may be necessary to investigate what their company’s safety policies are and whether they were followed. This may help ensure that an accurate account of what happened prior to the accident is presented prior to negotiations.

3. Negotiations and Settlement

Once your attorney has built your case, they will proceed to negotiate with the insurance company to seek settlement for you. Settling a truck accident claim as an individual may be incredibly difficult, as you will likely be going up against an insurance company’s trained negotiators, who will want to settle for as little as possible. This is why having an experienced attorney on your side can help you seek the compensation you deserve and avoid an inadequate settlement.

Who Can I Sue?

It may be obvious who was at fault for the accident. The police report may indicate which party was responsible, or it may be obvious based on witness testimony. Further, you and the other driver may agree as to who was responsible.

However, it is not only the other driver, who may be liable but potentially their employer and the truck manufacturer, as well. If the truck driver’s employer had unsafe policies or failed to train the driver properly, that employer may face liability for the accident. Further, if the truck manufacturer improperly installed the truck’s brakes, or installed defective brakes, they may also face liability for the accident.

Your attorney, through their investigations, will work to prove liability and discover who caused the accident and who to sue.

How Do I Prove Truck Driver Negligence?

In order to prove that the truck driver was negligent, it must be shown that the truck driver owed you a legal duty, that the driver breached that duty, and that you suffered damages because of that breach. All drivers owe each other certain duties. For instance, we owe each other the duty not to drink and drive, to pay attention while driving, and to turn our lights on at night. If you can show that the truck driver’s actions caused the accident and your injuries, you may be able to seek compensation from their insurance provider.

Colorado is a comparative fault state, which means that you can seek compensation from the person at fault, but if you were at all negligent, the amount you are able to seek may be reduced accordingly.

How Long Do I Have To File A Lawsuit?

There is a time limit in which you may file a claim. This is called ‘the statute of limitations’. The statute of limitations, in Colorado Springs, for bringing a truck accident lawsuit is three years from the date of the accident.

If someone dies because of the accident, the time limits might actually be shortened to two years. If a child is involved in the accident, the time restrictions may also be different.

An experienced truck accident attorney may be able to clarify what the statute of limitations is in your specific case.

Three years may sound like plenty of time to bring a lawsuit, but over that period of three years, a lot may change. Evidence might be lost or destroyed, witnesses’ memories may fade, and the other driver may be harder to track down. Speaking with a truck accident attorney sooner rather than later may help you avoid any of these situations, and may help you get back to normal life as soon as possible.

Get Help from a Colorado Springs Truck Accident Lawyer

If you were injured in a trucking accident, contact an experienced Colorado Springs 18-wheeler attorney at Zinda Law Group today. It is important to contact a truck attorney immediately as every second wasted may result in crucial evidence being altered or destroyed.

No matter how small or large your case, the Colorado Springs trucking injury lawyers at Zinda Law Group will perform a thorough investigation. This investigation will seek to understand the underlying causes of the truck accident and make sure you get the treatment and compensation you need. Our attorneys have experience with trucking accidents and will know where to look to find evidence and establish liability to strengthen your case. We can also deal with the insurance companies and litigate on your behalf so you can focus on what is most important: your recovery.

Zinda Law Group has the experience to handle even the most complex trucking accident cases. Call one of our Colorado Springs truck injury lawyers at 800-863-5312 for a free initial consultation. As our client, you will pay nothing unless we win.

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Seven Common Reasons for Truck Accidents

  • Driving while fatigued
  • Driving with improper or faulty equipment
  • Distracted driving
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Inexperienced driving
  • Speeding
  • Improper loading of cargo

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