10 Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

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10 Safety Tips for Motorcyclists | Zinda Law Group

There are thousands more motorcycles on the roads today than there were 20 years ago. With so many new riders out there on the highways, it’s important to review some safety tips from time to time.

Statistics show that a motorcyclist involved in an accident is 27 times more likely to die than someone driving a car. While this fact is scary, it also highlights the importance of making sure you know the laws well and are obeying them while riding.

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Top 10 Safety Tips

1. Stay alert: Don’t allow yourself to get distracted while riding your bike. Always keep both hands on the wheel and watch the road closely.

2. Wear your helmet: Helmets are the number-one method of preventing brain trauma in case of an accident.

3. Wear riding gloves and other protective gear: A good pair of riding gloves will give you better control over steering, braking, and shifting.

4. Get proper training: Many motorcycle accidents occur because of inexperience. Every day, young people get on a bike and take off down the road without any formal training.

5. Be visible at all times: If riding at night, be sure to wear colorful clothing. Add some additional reflective stickers and lights to your bike if possible. Most motorcycle accidents happen because a motorist didn’t see the motorcycle.

6. Maintain your bike: Never ride your bike if there are leaking fluids or if any parts are missing or inoperable.

7. Keep an eye on surrounding traffic: You can often tell if a car is about to change lanes. Drivers may not be watching out for you, so you have to watch out for both them and yourself.

8. Always be prepared to stop or get off the road: If a car does pull into you, have an escape plan.

9. Never share a lane: Never pass a car in their lane. This is extremely dangerous and against the law.

10. Watch road conditions: Any bump, loose gravel, or slick area can be hazardous for a motorcycle.

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